I’m king Citizen, and I’m a nasty nasty boss.

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You should be forewarned, Mr. Politician.

If you accept the job, it should be rare, and valued as a precious jewel, when I reward you with one good word.  Even a tiny good word, as I inveigh against you, your culture, your ideas, your policies, and your mother, at a screaming volume, as a half-forgotten aside.

I will drag you through the mud.  On a daily basis.  On general principle.  And, moreover, I think my fellow Citizen Kings and Queens should do so was well, just because it’s good for you.

There is no fairness for you.  Nor should there be any.  Because you will take the first opportunity of fairness and use it as if you should be OUR Boss.

And you’re, uh, just not.

You have legions of supporters, just waiting to use the idea of fairness, of civility, of one ounce of mercy, to pounce.

To issue the idea that I should support you, vote for you, even give you the very money you cost me with your policies, and by not so doing I am a traitor to a political party for not treating you as my master, and you, my employee, should treat me as your slave.

Just by having the job, you have too much power already.

But, really, you’re a tool.  The constitution says so.  The constitution says you’re a servant.

Do you want to rule?  Do you want power?  Then you should not have the job.

Do you want to blackmail me with the idea that the employee I must replace you with, should you get out of line, will be worse than you ever were?

No one is indispensable and if you or your supporters even suggest that your replacement would be worse, you should be fired, just for being an uppity underling and even suggesting such a thing.  YOU SHOULD BE FIRED for having the disrespect to try to hold your bosses hostage, to the extent you do.  So don’t, just don’t.  Shut up, keep your head down, and work your work, and don’t get uppity.

Because, you see, Mr. Politician, you are a tool.  By running for the job you admitted you wanted to be a tool.  You wanted to find the Honor of Service.

And if you do not want to find Honor in Service, then you have too big a head to have a job being a politician.  And your supporters are dangerous.  Why do you not disavow them?  Why do you not tell your supporters, who browbeat and attack others who question you, to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, because the Citizen is King?

I am beginning to get suspicious, Mr. Politician.  While you do not reign in your supporters, and tell them to shut up and that you know you have a job to do, it sounds, really, like you want to rule us Citizens, by the Constitution, your lords and masters, whom your supporters don’t respect.

Respect for your bosses is a given until you are OUT OF OFFICE.  Don’t come looking to me, during the term of your job, for laurels.  You don’t deserve any, and you won’t get any.  I will bite your hand if you offer me a chocolate bon-bon on your palm.  That is what you signed up for.  It’s only after, when you have served, and not betrayed, that you will get glory.

And, really, that glory, that immortality, is for you, if you can only be humble enough to serve, with all of democracy’s slings and arrows, for the brief time you are allotted.

Those are your rewards, for two years, four years, or six, of unending shit, that you deserve to get, just because of what you chose to be.  Remember, you chose the job, not me.

One more thing — don’t you or your slavish servants, whom you keep around you like a coterie, tell me what a hard job it is, being a politician.  And you might work diligently to get rid of any slavish servants you may have.  It doesn’t make you look good, rather the opposite.

You wanted the job.  If you don’t want it, I, your boss, will find someone who does.  And for the right reasons.


  1. They hope to get a piece of reflected glory by basking in your supposed light and by banishing us, your collected and democratic employers, to the outer darkness.

    They are loyalists.  Feudalists.  Bitches.  

    Do you enjoy being supported by jackals?  And not rationally voted for by free people?

  2. … we are Devo(crats).”

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