If Republicans got their Way …

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If Republicans got their Way … there would be no more Medicare.

If Republicans got their Way … you couldn’t Retire until 70.

If Republicans got their Way … they’d privatize Social Security.

If Republicans got their Way … there would be no more Corporate income tax.

If Republicans got their Way … they’d eliminate taxes on Capital gains.

If Republicans got their Way … they’d cut in half the taxes of the richest 1 percent.

If Republicans got their Way … the Bush Tax Cut for the Rich would never end.

Factlets from The Republican’s Roadmap for America’s Future:

The Ryan Budget’s Radical Priorities

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

By Paul N. Van de Water — July 7, 2010

If Republicans got their Way … BP would be held harmless.

If Republicans got their Way … Fracting would be deemed simply public hysteria.

If Republicans got their Way … Unions would become an ancient relic.

If Republicans got their Way … Congress would spend its time on subpoenas.

If Republicans got their Way … they’d impeach the President.

If Republicans got their Way … they’d give Wall Street even more Derivative trading.

If Republicans got their Way … Congress would be reduced to Gridlock.

If Republicans got their Way … America would fail, whenever Dems were in charge.

If Republicans got their Way … They’d END all government programs, designed to help People.

Why Do Republicans keep getting their way?

Why are they allowed to hold hostage, the American Dream?

If Republicans got their Way … Dems would be no longer relevant.

If Republicans got their Way … the World would become their strip mine.

If Republicans got their Way … the Future of the Planet … is headed … for Pain.

We must NOT let … the Republicans keep GETTING their Way.

(How do you think we got in this MESS, in the first place? …

maybe because Republicans HAD their Way …)


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    • jamess on August 14, 2010 at 16:14

    they ask for Republican permission,

    to tie our shoes!

    • jamess on August 14, 2010 at 16:32

    on where they should be standing …

    Never forget the Planks of Democratic National Platform

    by jamess — Dec 23, 2009

    if they did, the People would follow.

    • Edger on August 14, 2010 at 16:59

    they would arrange for a trojan horse ‘democrat’ to be elected president who would let bush and cheney and most of the previous republican administration of the hook effectively pardoning them for torture and all their other war crimes, expand the number of US troops sent to the overseas occupations the republicans started, give tens of trillions of dollars to wall street and other republican corporate cronies while ensuring the Military Industrial complex remains the most profitable racket in the history of humanity 1, and then fall all over himself bending over backwards to give the republicans anything and everything else they demanded and more while conning the democratic base with an ‘incremental bipartisanship’ fantasy story to coopt that base into supporting republican policies across the board while insulting that base at every opportunity, and generally just screw the working classes every ways possible, while sending out scare letters to that democratic base demanding support and votes because republicans are scary.

    All so that he could guarantee himself a lucrative post presidential career continuing to work for his constituents.

    I think that’s what would happen if Republicans got their way.

    I hope republicans never get their way. They’re scary.


    1 U.S. War Spending Now Exceeds That Of All States

  1. sounds like the script for an extremely frightening movie, something that would even put the recent film, “The Road” to shame.

    As recently as the 1990s, there was money to be made in common stocks, bonds, and real estate. Over the last decade, please consider the following:

    1-The stock market has declined (the Dow closed yesterday at 10,303.15 which compares with a close of 11,722.98 on January 14, 2000.

    2-The current long-term treasury composite rates on August 13th for treasuries not callable within the next ten years was 3.56%.  Two million dollars in such instruments would produce just slightly over $70,000/year, a third of which would be required to purchase private health insurance for a family, if it could be purchased at all.  Otherwise, one injury or illness could potentially obliterate the entire amount, or someone would have to go without needed medical care to preserve these funds, a horrific choice.

    3-We are all familiar with the current status of our real estate market. Despite the rosy pronouncements of great deals to be had, the real estate market will not turn around until more people have more money in their pockets, along with sufficient confidence to make such long-term financial commitments. When and how will this be achieved?

    The only remaining source of increased wealth for the moneyed interests is foreign lands and us. Regarding the latter, we continue to witness the development of complicated, misleading schemes designed to ultimately transfer money from our pockets to theirs, a process that is currently working according to plan. We continue to represent some value to them until this process is complete. At that point, we become expendable, a living form of excess baggage.

    In this horror flick, the very few comprising the ruling class would regard everyone else in the same way that farm animals have traditionally be treated in this country. They would begin by sending our armed troops to our homes, holding us at gunpoint as everything of value was taken from us.

    Even those of us who had guns and attempted to use them would quickly be disabled by exotic weapons (remember the story about the weapon the military was testing that induced excruciating, incapacitating pain a few months ago?), and tortured and/or deleted as the ruling authorities determined appropriate.

    Of course, immediately draining all of our bank and brokerage accounts would be a simple matter, taking possession of any and all funds held by various financial services companies. There would be no need for Social Security, whether public or privatized, since those funds would be confiscated.

    Some of us would be allowed to live another day if we could conclusively demonstrate that we were contributing more to our master’s bottom line than we required to survive. Any birth defects, sickness, injury or other expensive complication would be dealt with swiftly, in much the same manner as a race horse who becomes injured, an oxen who can no longer pull a plow or a dairy cow whose production has begun to decline. Life as it existed in the Nazi death camps would become the new reality for all but the privileged few.  

    Of course, the Republican zombies all assume that they will be allowed entry into that exclusive club that comprises the “fortunate” elite.  With most of the human race wiped out, there would be less pressure on dwindling natural resources, perhaps allowing the few remaining humans for perpetuate the species for much longer than would have otherwise been the case, perhaps for several more centuries.  

    The preceding is absolutely horrifying, however, we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that this is only a movie, and one that hasn’t even been produced yet, as far as we know.

    Although many titles for such a horror flick could be considered, perhaps the most descriptive might be:  “Cheney’s Wet Dream.”

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