Hey Gov. Dean, go pound sand!!!!

Dear Mr. Dean;

   FUCK YOU!!,  I’m sitting here watching you try to pull your foot (feet, up to knee?) outta your cake hole.  What the fuck are you saying, compromise, compromise with who?  A bunch of idiotic racist assholes who’s idea of negotiation is ‘my way or the highway.  LOL what tripe.  

    These folks are AMERICANS, building a community center for the community that happens to have an area dedicated to prayer.  They have the incontrovertible right to that practice, the local government approved it and it’s done.  Try and change that, go ahead you and your fellow apologists and watch what happens, whats left of our eviscerate rights will be ‘negotiable’ Hmmm.  Unfuckin real.  This isn’t a popularity contest, poles are not relevant, no vote no discussion, they have the right to do this at 51 Park as well as all the other places they, the Muslim community are.  

    Not only does this spit in the face of what America is supposed to be by violating the right to practice ones religion I’ll bet it ends up coming under bills of attainder when the govt. tries to back out of the approvals already given to these AMERICANS.

    And people wonder why I’m done with the frackin Dems.  You don’t negotiate with EVIL, you don’t compromise with morons, you don’t back down when you right. You don’t tell others they should do those things either, they shouldn’t.  They should stand up at the statue of liberty, Lincoln memorial, and every other statue, building, bell, hall and revolutionary battlefield and shout ‘What aren’t we entitled to our rights?’ ‘Is this great experiment only applicable when the white right says so?’

    If and I’m betting on when these AMERICANS need help defending their inalienable (what a laugh) rights I’ll be proud to pitch in.


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    • caul on August 20, 2010 at 13:25

    That whole argument about “sensitivity” and “compromise” — first promulgated by the right as a disguise for their campaign of bigotry and fear to distract from the fact they have no good ideas on how to move this country, and the world, onward and forward — was demolished in his special comment the other night, and he now made it look silly and insane.

    Loved his disappointed and disgusted look at the end of the interview.  He expected better of Dr. Dean, and, frankly, so did I.    

    • TomP on August 20, 2010 at 17:25

    Dean revealed way too much.  He’s a pig just like so many others.  

  1. but he said all of these things that are in the diary and more. He needs to be listened to.

    As for the frackin’ Dems, they are a discredited bunch because they are part of the politics industry that supports a culture of pundits, pollsters, strategists and apparatchiks. Time and money is wasted on all politicians.

    Listening to Dean more carefully than with blanket condemnation, you will find that his rhetoric is what we would like Dems to use but candidates are captive to the politics culture. A conservative culture. Politics has exceeded its narrow but important function in a democracy and become a business, ne, a racket.

    Studying democracy will reveal that one of its  many shortcomings is a tendency towards conservatism. Others are militarism, disregard for minorities and immigrants and warlike tendencies.

    The rhetorical war that D’s are engaged in with R’s is a phony war, a for profit war and is not a struggle for human rights and social justice. Dean may like it to be so but only local community activism that competes with the private sector in creating jobs will have enough credibility to persuade a population beholden to plutocrats and the power establishment.

    Time and money given to the party is a waste and a distraction from building your community. Your wrath for Dean is misplaced as is most wrath. The era of meaningful protest is over because there is not enough democracy left to protect it.

    Anger only nurtures the right wing, conservative hate machine. It is a suckers’ play.  We have to learn to control ourselves and find meaningful tasks to discredit the right. Angry Rhetoric is too easy and insincere. It is internally inconsistent.

    If you channel KO, you are so far out of your league that it is laughable. For all of his adherence to an essential truth, his main truth is that he does this for a living and has to rouse his audience.

    You’ve learned the lessons of the seventies well, Spndftr, but new lessons have to be learned or you will end up sounding like a tea party protester with no one listening to your righteousness.

  2. waging a devastating war on the poor. They say that they are angry. Then they say that they are waging a metaphorical war. Which is it?

       Confusion reigns because many D’s will not accept that the 18th century concept of a rational government is a legacy branch sharing power with the non elected financial establishment oligarchy and the even bigger non elected power establishment. They see chaos and have simple minded, emotional responses to it.  I cannot respect that.

       Sure, be angry but use it to motivate action instead of wasting it on the hate machine. They eat it up. We have to deal with chaos, that should be easy but no, name calling and pontificating are the mainstays of these boards.

        Part of the power establishment are the pundits, pollsters, strategists and party apparatchiks i.e. conservatives.

       I am so disappointed when Dems rail instead of promoting the 1.8 million non profits in the US dedicated to social justice. I say insincere because there is another way that is non partisan, local and distributed. I say insincere because people can not seem to let go of their emotional need to vent, open their minds and declare that human rights and social justice is a peaceful, sometimes bloody struggle.  I say insincere because people will talk about important goals in one breath and blame fucking Republicans in the other. They are only contributing to the hot air that is the for profit politics tornado.

       They do not ask questions, the do not display a gentle skepticism but an outright cynicism. They do not recognize that cynicism is the spiritual conquest of the right but use facts, facts, facts to stoke their anger. If I was a right winger, that is about the only thing I’d have to laugh about.

       When the non profit local community ventures can compete with the private sector to create jobs then progressivism will be established with credibility. Now it is just a political marketing word and has to be mistrusted.

      The opportunities to expand into green technlogy and nature conservation rival the private sector. Many NP’s team up with local businesses for cause advertising. Some NP’s administer government programs because they are local.

      This is how to discredit the right. Unwilling? Lazy, it is so much easier to anonymously call someone an asshole or to display your knowledge of the obvious but miss the essential.

       Thank you for your comments, pardon my frustration, I mean no disrespect.

    • Mu on August 21, 2010 at 00:27



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