Floods Leave 20,000,000 People Homeless in Pakistan

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Pakistan Flood 3

(Prime Minister Yousaf Raza) Gilani said 20 million people were now homeless and called on Pakistanis to rise to the occasion, amid growing fears of social unrest or even a military takeover following the government’s shambolic response to the floods.

Pakistan Flood 2
Marooned flood victims looking to escape grab the side bars of a hovering Army helicopter which arrived to distribute food supplies.

You can make a secure donation to Save the Children for victims of the floods via Paypal here.


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  1. Donations to CARE for victims of the floods by credit card here.

  2. Of course thousands of Afghans will also perish in this disaster, just like every other disaster anywhere in Southwest Asia.

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says Afghan refugees who are living in flood-stricken Pakistan are among the most vulnerable victims.  The UNHCR says it is assisting hundreds of thousands of Afghans whose camps are overwhelmed by flooding.  


  3. …you mentioned in your 8/9/10 diary here

    62 millions and counting!

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