Duuude, New Drugs Are Out….Get’em While They’re Legal!

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Law enforcement and drug treatment agencies are stepping up alerts for the newest drug to begin sweeping the country.

The drug is typically marketed as incense or potpourri and known by such names as “K2,” “Spice,” “Genie,” “Yucatan Fire,” “Sence,” “Smoke,” “Skunk” and “Zohai.”

It produces a similar high of marijuana but the problem for law enforcement and others is that it is synthetic and completely legal in New Jersey and can be easily obtained in smoke shops and on the Internet.

Detective John Walker, the narcotics officer in Mount Olive, said individuals cannot be charged for possession or use of synthetic marijuana. But they can be charged if they are found driving under the influence of the drug. The effects of these drugs can cause people to lose concentration, meaning that they won’t be thinking correctly when they’re driving. If you do get stopped whilst driving under the influence, there are a few legal options if you take a breathalyzer, so make sure to contact your local DUI lawyer to help you navigate through the process of being breathalyzed and pulled over. These lawyers will help you to build a strong defence to try and appeal your conviction. Hopefully, they can help you to minimize your sentence.

People also can be charged with excessive use of synthetic marijuana under the so-called “huffing” statute that also applies to such materials as nitrous oxide and glue.

“Kids think they’re home free with the synthetic marijuana but they’re not,” Walker said.

Walker said too many people are willing to try virtually any kind of chemical if they think they will get a high. He said he is not surprised that individuals will inhale synthetic marijuana without knowing its actual contents or effects.


Best Part about doing this drug?

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