BP Gone Fishin’- Drops Giant Pipe Into Seafloor, Manages to Miss Wellhead- Yay Team!

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This video courtesy of the BP live webcam addicts at the Oil Drum.  http://www.theoildrum.com/node…

When we last left our ongoing story of why The Brightest Minds in Govt. Science were giving BP permission to keep  ****ing around playing with their broken oil well, instead of completing the Bottom Kill cementing, BP was observed to be moving Giant Tools towards the Macondo 252 Deepwater Horizon oil well again, then Adm. Allen had to give out matching narrative after a few news cycles as to what the fooking h*ll they were really doing.

We’ll do the bottom kill when we’re ready, Harry.  – Adm. Thad “Patton” Allen  

They wanted to look inside the old BOP, and go fishing and pull the old drill pipe out of the well bore. Bottom kill, schmottom kill, the Lawyers need evidence to sue each other for the next 2 decades.

So far, they took the very top lid off the new BOP and Stacking Ram they mounted on the old one,  and peered inside, and noticed that the brand new BOP and 3 blade Stacking Ram had 1 Shear Ram that was stuck in a half open, half shut position so they couldn’t get down and look into the other parts.

Yes, their brand new BOP toy wasn’t working already.

Okay.  No problemo.  Just spend a week trying to jimmy the the thing open again.  

So they finally got the Shear Ram pushed open and now are peering into the Bowels of the Macondo, Oil Well of Doom.

Hey, looks like a Broken Oil Well Inside, Doesn’t It ?  It seems to be full of frozen methane hydrate crap. That’ll be a billion dollars.  Next.

Hey, let’s try to string some drill pipe together and Go Fishing Down In the Broken Well.   Let’s see if we accidentally cemented the loose pipe we want to the well casing, when we did Top Kill instead of Bottom Kill, which means we can’t take off the old BOP after all,  

we are creating alternatives….  Our science team and BP engineers continue to work with all those alternatives as we move forward.  

WHOOPS. wizzzzzzzzz  SPLOT.  

Hey, did something just go by the camera ?

BP oil spill  – oops! Lower Section of Fishing Pipe Drops to Sea Bottom – 8/26

webcam witness:


I could not see it part because as each section was added the ROV dropped to the end and waited. they were down around the 4100 foot level and when they lifted the string (I’m assuming to pull the “slips?”, it parted above and went zipping past the ROV. It seemed to me to be more than one section because I had time to notice that this section was dropping way too fast when the end went by. They continued to trip pipe while the Rov went down to the sea floor to find the “spear”. When they found it sticking out of the mud, other ROV’s were all around the area and you could see the drill string from the ship hanging in the water behind the “spear”. When the ROV looked down at where it entered the seafloor, I thought I saw a 40 ft. mark a couple of feet above the mud-line. I assumed that it was buried about 38 ft. which is what I posted last night. It went a full 1000 feet to the bottom from the point it parted. Sorry, I cant give you much more than that… maybe Rainy can add something? Only other person active on the site at the time.

Nothing to see here, just move along and enjoy your summer vacation !

BP tweets today, 8/26/10 Thurs :

BP grant funding Coast wide festival to draw tourists to S. Mississippi in late summer, early fall  http://twitter.com/BP_America/…

Gov Jindal praises BP’s $15 M grant for behavioral outreach and support


Well fishing opps continue.  DDII completed BOP prep and standing by. http://twitter.com/BP_America/…      (link) well has been shut in since July 15, there is currently no oil flowing into the Gulf. Open water fishing operations will continue today.  The fishing operations will aim at removing drill pipe within the MC252 BOP.  DDII …. is standing by,  DDIII is on standby.

Third day of DeLuana Fest Benefit Concert with Willie Nelson is free as part of a BP tourism grant


Latest tweet link from Joint Incident Command and Admiral Allen-  so now they’re still claiming they want to take the old Blow Out Preventer off.  

After they get the old pipe out of the well.  Which might be cemented in.

During Hurricane Season in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP is calling this “open water fishing operations.”


8/25/10  Admiral Allen reported on the sequence of events leading up to the removal of the blowout preventer: “Our steps right now will be to remove the two pieces of pipe that we know are just laying there disconnected.  And then following that ascertain the condition of the remaining pipe that goes to the blowout preventer,” he said. “And once we have diagnosed the condition of that pipe, we’ll make a decision whether or not to remove the pipe itself or remove the blowout preventer with the pipe attached.”

Full transcript here:  http://ht.ly/2v5Lx   another excerpt:

Until we make contact with the pipe itself, we’re able to get some more information on it, I don’t think we’re going to know for sure.  But as I said earlier we are looking at three generic scenarios.  One the pipe was actually cut and all we’re doing with it is the section that’s inside the blowout preventer or it’s continued below the blowout preventer to 3,000 feet or more and is either hanging there or could be in some contact with cement.

Either way we are drawing up plans on how we would sever the pipe if we would have to do it.  Either looking the blowout preventer up and cutting the pipe then or treating the pipe before we did that to free it from the cement.  Is that responsive?

Oh, and the Administration has launched Dockside Chats to Promote Gulf Seafood Safety Awareness.

Because there is nothing unsafe about playing with a Broken High Pressure Wild Well a mile under the sea surface that just belched out of control for 3 months, and they just didn’t admit that methane hydrates can form and jam these Blow Out Preventers shear rams from working in just a few weeks at that depth.  


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    Willie Nelson 1997- funny how time slips away

    • Edger on August 26, 2010 at 22:50

    Izzit??? 😉

  2. All this screwing around is, to me, scary as hell.  They’ll manage to bust something else — I just dunno’.

    Since NO journalists, photographers, oceanographers, scientists, no one but employees (who are not allowed to speak about any matters BP), are allowed anywhere near BP’s site, how in the hell do we REALLY know what they’re doing?  It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t trying to finagle some manner of getting back in there to get the f..king oil (gawd, I hope I’m wrong).  But, you may be correct, it’s all being stalled for the sake of BIG TIME lawyers and whatever evidence can be had from further screwing around.

    But it is amazing the power one corporation has in the face of anyone, our government included.

  3. NEW ORLEANS – The federal government said engineers will start work Monday to remove the temporary cap that stopped oil from gushing out of BP’s blown-out Gulf well so that crews can raise a key piece of equipment from the seabed. . . . .

  4. …screaming and tearing hair out!

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