Art is weird. Money is beautiful.

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Rich people observe an artist in the Hamptons

The artists are pretty well gone now, all but the wealthiest ones. Everybody knows that Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner couldn’t find a quarter-share in a renovated chicken coop in a market where even a teardown in Sag Harbor – long since elevated from its lowly status as the poor relation of hamlets like East Hampton – is priced at $1.8 million.


Or maybe money is weird, and art is elsewhere.


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  1. the article, one of whicha are those “wealthy” strolling through the woods, viewing the art, etc., for some reason, reminded me of a scene from “La Dolce Vita.”

  2. swimming pool, in-law apartment, 40 acres and that chance to not even see the asshole which is “your neighbor”.  Rich soil for organic gardens, grazing pastures for the horses complete with mountain views all for a mere 270 thousand.  What am I doing here in Assachusetts?

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