“Alternative Internet?” Verizon CEO Says “No, it’s a Specialized Network”

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If Verizon and Google were trying to show support for net neutrality, they sure dropped the ball today. On a conference call with media just a couple hours ago, Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg began explaining how companies might want to use a different network to send information. He took offense when Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land termed it “alternative internet,” but his further explanation did little to counter the naming. Here is Mr. Seidenberg’s further discussion of the “alternative internet” after questioning from Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch:

For those of you that cannot watch or listen, here is the basic run-through:

Sullivan says there some confusions over these future networks that are not part of the internet. If all these networks are merging/converging into an IP based network, in most people’s mind that is the internet.”

Siedenberg brings up 3D and ask whether that goes over the internet. “Some other companies might want to send 3D over a specialized network it built for itself because the quality of service might be slightly different.” (emphasis mine).

What he never addressed, is how that network is different from the internet. What many people are concerned about is that this type of language leaves the door extremely wide open.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt stated bluntly that Google will not be using any new networks, they like the internet. Yet doubts will be raised by the participation in this “joint policy announcement.” Why would they be lending their name to a policy announcement they do not agree upon?


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  1. …(for Freinds of Verizon) might be set up to be free from retroactively warrantless prosecution for snooping!!!

    We don’t want anyone snooping on business channels or tubes, do we?

  2. I did attempt to document the massive electronics industry focus years ago of stuffing the max megabytes into what is known in the trade as a serial interface.  Electronics jargon aside it basically means countless hours have been spent of porting lamestream media crap into your cell phone.  This was done why.  Because there is money in it.  It keeps your focus on trivial meaningless celebrity shit which you may be paying up to 300 bucks a month for the multiphone family plan so they know not only where you are and what you said but your entire family too.  Note that I did not bring up the Plank’s constant relationship of electro-magnetic energy and or how cell phone frequencies are close to those of early microwave ovens or how the cell phone industry sponsored studies of biological effects from cell phones are totally safe even if such things are only about 20 years old.

    My wife had a hard time getting a non-internet enabled phone plus my aging mother wants something simple like a Jitterbug phone with big numbers she, and I for that matter can see.  If their internet ratings didn’t suck so bad servicewise I would have gotten her one.  Again this illustrates how capitalism sucks because it only serves those areas of life one can make a profit mainly by fucking people over.

    I don’t need HD(highly dense) TV, nor am I impressed with 900 channels of “They Live” western world programming.


    I mainly want the internet to determine what date the United States fails, for IRS purposes of course.

  3. …corrupts.  Even the “Do no evil” company is seduced and corrupted by the lure of geld (sic) and (sick).

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