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News at Noon

From Reuters

BP faces insider dealing probe as nears well kill

By Rachelle Younglai and Kristen Hays

August 3, 2010

(Reuters) – BP faces an investigation into whether its employees profited illegally from the Gulf of Mexico spill, as the oil giant prepared on Tuesday to kill the blown-out well for good.

U.S. securities regulators are investigating potential insider trading in shares of BP, including by BP employees, two sources familiar with the probe told Reuters.

Analysts said the inquiry showed how the full weight of the government was being brought to bear on BP, which took a $32.2 billion charge related to the spill in its results last week.

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The American Way


Most Americans are proud. Very. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. The world’s oldest democracy. The greatest country in the history of the world. Equality and Liberty. Truth, Justice and the American Way.

The American Way. What is that exactly, besides Superman’s motto?

Docudharma Times Tuesday August 2

Tuesday’s Headlines:

37 die in revenge attacks in Pakistan’s Karachi


Empowering oil rig workers to stop operations not a fail-safe plan

Republicans decry stimulus funds for iPods, cellphones


Sarkozy under fire after video shows brutal treatment of immigrants

Dmitry Medvedev would not run against Vladimir Putin

Middle East

Israelis Divided on Deporting Children

Music fails to chime with Islamic values, says Iran’s supreme leader


In Restive Chinese Area, Cameras Keep a Watchful Eye

Floodwaters bring risk of cholera to compound misery of the displaced


Charles Taylor’s warcrimes trial: factfile

Will sky-high cocoa prices lift West African farmers?

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

He who seeks happiness

by hurting those who seek happiness

will never find happiness

–M. K. Gandhi, from his poem, Violence

Phenomena XXIX: helping

Beyond the End


Keep your mouth closed

and embrace a simple life,

and you will live carefree until the end of your days.

If you try to talk your way into a better life

there will be no end to your trouble

–from the Tao te Ching

–tr. by J. H. McDonald

I could embrace

a simpler life

might enjoy

being carefree


…there would be people

some like me

and some not

with lives filled

with much concern

too many troubles

and my heart

is filled with care

Until they have

better lives

I must try

to talk the world

into a better way


It’s no trouble

at all

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–March 30, 2008

Late Night Karaoke

All For Single Payer video

These folks, Health Care for All Texas, did a great job on this video! Please feel free to share.

A parody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” that takes a fun look at a critical subject: health care. For a more serious look at the facts and myths, go to our website, or to Physicians for a National Health Program at

And its even better because….