Wild Wild Left Radio #73 Hey Whitey! Be Afraid! (Racism in America)

Tonight, July 9nd at 6PM Eastern Time, WWL Radio!!!!!

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Irony might just be a couple of white Liberals talking about Racism in America… but they say the first step is acknowledging you HAVE a problem. This week was a SIREN CALL for racists.

The Southern Strategy may have evolved from the “N-word” for many decades, but it has devolved even further now. The Neo-con strategy is to use the “tea party” to ramp up the most ugly, heinous and vicious “negrophobia” they can, as well as “latinophobia,” “homophobia” “islamophobia”… you name it. It keeps people licking the boots of their masters to keep us “safe” from “those people.”

This strategy of fear, that culminated in the Bush-era success of setting the masses against their own security, rights and privacy in our own homeland is now being ramped up to attack the only threat to it. They do not fear Latin America, they fear the IDEA of a People’s run Government that does not set the interests of the Elites first.

It all bases back to White European Entitlement – and the time to kill that Original Sin, to end that hideous idea, both here and abroad is now.

Come bear witness to our heresy. No one is Rich and Ruler by divine right – they are that way through theft, rape and abuse of the people from who they stole it.


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