Why I Find Myself Shrieking

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I sighed uneasy relief with everyone else when BP finally stopped Deepwater Horizon from emptying itself in the Gulf.  Yes, I knew it was temporary.  Yes, I knew it could blow up again any minute.  But there was, nevertheless, a relief.  For a short time anyway, BP would stop turning the Gulf of Mexico into a disgusting oil gumbo garnished with oil soaked pelicans and dead dolphins.

But then I read this article in the New York Times:

A wellhead in southeastern Louisiana was spewing a mist of oil and gas up to 100 feet into the air after being hit by a tug boat early Tuesday morning, officials said. It is at least the third unrelated oil leak in the area since the Deepwater Horizon spill began 99 days earlier.

The well is about 65 miles south of New Orleans in Barataria Bay, which is surrounded by wildlife-rich wetlands and was a fertile area for fishermen, shrimpers and oystermen before the BP spill. By Tuesday afternoon, a reddish brown sheen 50 yards by one mile long was spotted near the well, according to a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard said the well was owned by Cedyco, a company based in Houston.

The wellhead burst at 1 a.m. local time Tuesday after being hit by a tug boat, the Pere Ana C, that was pushing a dredge barge, Captain Buford Berry, though details were still being investigated.

So, not to put too fine a point on it, there is more oil and gas being deposited in the Gulf as you read this.  And they haven’t started stopping it yet, and are booming.  Booming.  Booming with 6000 feet of boom.  Pardon me, but didn’t we all decide in the past 3 months that that is worthless.  Oh, but excuse me again, this is a new day.  And a new leak.  And so we get to try stuff that didn’t work before all over again.  Because we’re crazy and think it’ll be different this time.

And then we have this gem:

No specific flow rate has been determined, officials said.

Mama mia.  Oy gevalt.

And this, dear reader, is why I find myself shrieking.  And uttering strings of profanity.  Join me.

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    • Edger on July 28, 2010 at 4:28 am

    It’s  fine. It’s all good. Any better I couldn’t fuckin’ stand it. Here’s the plan. The silver lining to this cloud. Eventually, probably sooner than later, BP/Exxon/Shell will be able to buy up all the gulf coast waterfront properties and beaches for pennies on the dollar, build tar sand extractors and refineries all along the shore from Texas to Florida, and pump the gulf straight into them. And the area labor force will be so happy to have some work by then that labor costs will be minimal, if not next to nonexistent. It’ll be a capitalist paradise, just like they always promised.

    Just think! No more drilling!!! And we can all get in cars and go shopping. What more could anyone want?

    Paradise. No?

  1. and what’s going on with the seabed is an ‘unknown/unknown’

    (and then there’s Michigan too)

  2. Almost seems a concerted effort to completely destroy the Gulf — of course, all these leaks are just accidents.  I mean barges probably “bump” into rigs just about everyday.  And, serious “mistakes” in trying to stop a massive gusher was just plain poor judgment on BP’s part.

    And the worst of it all is that we really don’t know the extent of what’s really going on with any of these leaks.  

    Think I’m gonna’ do some sleuthing!


  3. Here’s another action by Defenders of Wildlife:

    Tell Your Politicians to Clean up Politics and Save Gulf Wildlife

    (click on logo for Action Page)



                                      Actions taken: 12,846 Actions needed: 50,000

                                                   Deadline: Friday, July 30th    

  4. removed and Dudley put in his place.

    Just look at this, the Gulf is getting all better — yep, just read about it.

    0Mighty oil-eating microbes help clean up the Gulf

    By JOHN CAREY, environmental writer

    Where is all the oil? Nearly two weeks after BP finally capped the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, the oil slicks that once spread across thousands of miles of the Gulf of Mexico have largely disappeared. Nor has much oil washed up on the sandy beaches and marshes along the Louisiana coast. And the small cleanup army in the Gulf has only managed to skim up a tiny fraction of the millions of gallons of oil spilled in the 100 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig went up in flames. . . .

    Well, maybe, on the surface . . . . . !

  5. the pipeline that broke and spilled 819,000 gallons of oil into a creek that flowed into the Kalamazoo River, and is spreading closer to Lake Michigan.  Another environmental disaster.  Kalamazoo River Oil Spill.

    And then there’s China’s two pipelines that exploded, spilling oil, just a week after BP’s well gushed 400,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, although, nowhere as large in comparison.  The growing impacts of China’s oil spill. and China: Oil Spill Contained in Coastal Waters  

    But, drill baby, drill.  What a sick world!

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