Where’s The Outrage??

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Isn’t it time that these mass atrocities be addressed?

Great, great segment from C-Span 2 with Ralph Nader and Judge Napolitano. You will never see this type of discussion ever on “Meet The Press“, etc..




If we do not rise up and protest this now, one day …we will all be detainees, and bear witness to an engulfing modern-day Feudalism and Serfdom as our only remaining Nation’s legacy.


“Jail The Whistleblowers, Free The Torturers”

    –President Obama


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    • banger on July 13, 2010 at 15:21

    You ask “where’s the outrage” and I say read the quote again and realize that the American people, as a whole are cowards. Cowardice is considered a virtue in this country. Look at the disgraceful way the U.S. military acts. It kills 100 people to kill 2 “terrorists” and why is that? How do we know they are terrorists or combatants or whatever and what exactly are they doing that we should be killing them? The fact is that the U.S. military uses what any real warrior would describe as dishonorable methods to achieve its ends which are dishonorable in themselves–what are those ends? To terrorize populations into subservience–pure and simple. There is no logical argument to the contrary that can be made. At any rate, few people ever asks these questions. Yes, the media and the corporation manipulate fear to raid the U.S. Treasury but the fact is that our culture as it is now allows for that to happen shows the moral degradation of a whole culture.

    I cannot “blame” the criminals who now run the oligarchy for wanting to steal money from us. That’s their job and function. I blame “the people” for allowing them to do it for not even minimally fact-checking the assertions of corporations and the government those corporations run. Americans are, largely, living in a fantasy world that has little relationship to reality thus don’t give a fuck what happens as long as their prison cells have cable.

  2. Most excellent commentary.

    Great video.

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