The Slaves’ Rebellion and Revelation

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How? That was always the question. How might the slaves rebel against their servitude and chains. How do people powerless and oppressed rise up against their Owners who have all manner of control available to them? The Owners had the power over access to food, water, shelter and safety. They had the Law established to protect them from the ambition of slaves to be free. Property was power and only owners could own. Slaves had to rent from the owners with the pittance of their slave wages. It wasn’t called Slavery, as it was a PR problem, so they called it Freedom.

But of course, it was the opposite of freedom. A society of owners and the owned.


And, it wasn’t like old time Slavery where everyone wore literal chains and lived on the plantation and the owner could come and rape your wife or son because he was drunk on Saturday night. No, this wasn’t like that at all. This was all very civilized. The Owners had made it all appear that the Owed and the Owned was the Natural Order of things. Owner and Slave was Natural Law. A symbiotic system like flowers and bees and milk and Corn Flakes.

Indeed, this was why the question was often asked by those who miraculously escaped the brainwash conditioning. How might the slaves rebel against their servitude and bondage? Because the thing is, as strange as it might seem now, most slaves had no idea they were slaves. They called themselves Citizen Consumers. They wore uniforms and earned merit badges. The owners called it a Service Economy and all the slaves were at the service of the owners. They cooked their food and washed their cars and pushed their paper and were at the beck and call of any whim the owners could cook up. Shopping malls, fast-food and business-to-business. Retail, wholesale and direct mail. Marketing, accounting and operations. Energy, finance and real estate. Porn, pills and propaganda. The entire enterprise was built upon the idea of Trade for Profit. Money was an extension of credit; the creation of debt. Everyone owed, even most owners; all were beholden to the revered holy men in the temples of banking. The banks which for centuries had created, established and perpetuated the slave society based upon the alchemical marriage of money from nothing. Instead of Usury as Original Sin – the bankers made Usurious Loans as matter-of-fact as the air we breathe. It was pure genius. The Money Priests not only earned the interest on loans but the principal as well because the principal did not even exist until the very moment it was lent. The entire money supply was not money at all, but debt. Anti-money.

Most slaves thought nothing of it. This is the way it’s always been. Money makes the world go round. If it weren’t for the banks there would be no money. The world would stop. Everyone would drop dead. Money is Life. Property is All. Before Adam and Eve there was the Garden. And the original Owner. Who made the Rules. Enforced the Law. Established the Order. Same as it ever was. It is the natural order of things that there is an Owner and those who serve HIM. Homage is given and tribute is paid. Today’s Owners believe they are doing God’s work because of their magical powers to create the world of money from nothing. Abracadabra, Hocus-Pocus.

In olden days the wizards of alchemy strove to procure the Philosopher’s Stone to turn base metal into precious metal. It was all smoke and mirror charlatanism to gain favor from Kings of Greed and access to Court. But now, the High Priests of the inner sanctum in the Money Temples do for real what their medieval brethren could only dream. Wealth is created upon their word.

One might think the wealth disparity between the Owners and Slaves would create Slave Rebellions all the time. One continual Class War of the oppressed against the oppressor in a long battle for Inalienable Rights.  But this doesn’t ever happen because of the Owners class war against the Slave population using the age-old tactic of Divide and Conquer. Owners use the deception of infiltration and snitchery against those might escape the cradle-to-grave indoctrination to embrace the Natural Law of haves and have-nots. They use incentives and rewards to create classes of “yes-men” to defend and protect the rights of property over people. The First Commandment is to Respect and Obey Authority. They finance armies, police, guards, mercenaries and anarchists to bludgeon into submission any who may seek to organize to fight against “the way things are.” They monopolize information, technology and progress. They ridicule as fringe, radicals, terrorists and conspiracy theorists anyone who points out the obvious, self-evident truth – Civilization is an unsustainable house of cards based upon human treachery and greed.

The owners taught the slaves to fear the world at large and fellow slaves in general as only the owners could provide security and safety from omnipresent, ubiquitous danger. The Owners touted something called the Ownership Society and said every slave could be an owner too by selling their soul to the devil of debt. Slaves were taught they could only succeed through competition with fellow slaves. They were taught greed is good. Every slave for himself. Winning is everything. The only thing.

So it is no wonder after generations, centuries and millennium a few who escaped the ravages of big lies, tall tales and storybook hogwash, would ask: How might the slaves rebel against their servitude and bondage?

How could it ever happen when slave was set against slave could the slaves unite to throw off the yoke of their beast-of-burden fate? If only a child could save them like the one in the fairy tale about The Emperor with No Clothes. Someone to point out the obvious and deliver a mass induced epiphany. If only a truly enlightened human being or god or alien would come in power and glory to upend the Dark Age of Loan Sharks upon the earth. If only……

But it wasn’t to be.

One of the ‘yes men,’ an economic hit-man of renown, after years of his destruction on behalf of evil, wrote a book which explained everything. The Owners didn’t care. A former ‘yes man’ is just another slave. Owners have nothing to fear from their creation. But the assassin wrote:

In their drive to advance the global empire, corporations, banks and governments (collectively the corporatocracy) use their financial and political muscle to ensure that our schools, business and media support both the fallacious concept and its corollary. They have brought us to a point where our global culture is a monstrous machine that requires exponentially increasing amounts of fuel and maintenance, so much so that in the end it will have consumed everything in sight and will be left with no choice but to devour itself.

John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, p. xv

And that’s what happened. In the end, the rich ate themselves.

The world stopped but didn’t end. Everyone didn’t drop dead. There was no mass extinction without the rule of the money power. People were left to their own devices. And while, some people, even ex-slaves, will be ass-holes no matter what, many, many, many are something else again – decent, committed, noble, virtuous and true. There are many traditions with the same aspiration. Many gods of one creation. Many beliefs from one truth.

Love is…


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    • gottlieb on July 12, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    • RUKind on July 13, 2010 at 3:10 am

    Please check this out locally if you can. My wife and I just got caught in the ho-hum daze of shall-we-or-shalln’t coddle the little people and longer. And we’re not talking 99ers here. We’re talking 40 weeks.

    A lot of financial and acute interest blogs – Jon Taplin, The Baseline Scenario, etc. – are calling for a W-shaped Great Depression 2.0. I think it’s started but we need video, 20 second sound bites, you now the drill.

    I drop in at to take the country’s temperature. Here’s a powerful story of Suicide Hotlines going off the hooks during the Depression 2.0. Calls to Suicide Hotlines Skyrocket Along with Unemployment

    Too lazy to link details and it’s too gruesome. I’m putting a petition up myself to get people whose unemployment has just plain run out to go back to the unemployment office and register themselves as still looking for work.

    If there’s one thing I learned from the 60s and early 70s it’s how to be a pain in the ass to government organizations. Do your best, too.

  1. I told my banker that when my house is sold and I’m out of debt, that I’ll never borrow again, if I don’t have the money saved then I don’t buy. He was speechless. That is their greatest fear…a society that no longer borrows.

    Thanks for another great essay, g, I am forever indebted for this.

    No, I am Spartacus!

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