Popular Culture (Women In Media) 20100714. Rachel versus Megyn

An allegory betwixt the Fox “News” Channel and MSNBC can be seen by examining the tactics and the demeanor of each of their two flagship women.  I must first say that I like women a lot, and find both of them physically attractive, but that is not germane to the discussion.  However, it is important.

Studies show that attractive news readers get better ratings than unattractive ones, regardless of gender.  Whilst I yield that everyone has her or his own picture of perfection, I hope that everyone will postulate that both of them are very attractive women, to level the field.  This post has nothing to do with sexual attraction, but rather intellectual ability and interviewing skills.  I just happen to think that they both are on about equal levels as far as being attractive goes.  At the risk of being called sexist, here we go.

Please do not get me wrong!  Most of the time when I listen to the political installments, and honestly, that is what the Fox “News” Channel and MSNBC do in their prime time do every night, I am doing other things, so I mostly just listen, unless something particularly interesting happens.  The same for the daytime shows.

Yesterday, I saw Megyn Kelly absolutely tear up a Fox “News” contributor because the other contributor did not agree with her.  What is it with that given name anyway?  Perhaps I think too much, but the spelling is not anything that I have ever seen before.  Usually, they are Megan, Megen, or some other nonsexual spelling.  I digress.

The victim was Kirsten Powers, a Democratic strategist and, to her detriment, a Fox “News” contributor.  Too bad for her that she is also an attractive female.

Kelly absolutely tore up one of their better contributors, and there is no record of it on the Fox “News” site to show it.  I did find it on YouTube, and here it is:

Powers seems to be a reasonable person, for Fox, and Kelly threatened to cut off her microphone because Powers did not agree with her!  Kelly is a very emotional, verbally violent, and hateful person.  Kelly repeatedly accused Powers of being ignorant, and never let Powers get a word in edgewise.

I can not attribute it all to Kelly’s training as an attorney, but some of it probably is.  That is what they do, and if I needed to be defended for something, I would want a very aggressive attorney.  But Powers was just trying to explain her position that the Fox “News” Channel was taking this too far, and Kelly just was rabidly senseless.  Thus are the stars on Fox.

To be complete, here is Kelly’s academic record.  She has a BA in Political Science (any calculus there?) from a PUBLIC college, and a J.D. from another PUBLIC one.  In other words, her education was subsidized by all of us.  But she does not agree with that.  Hmmmm.

On a personal note, I got sort of teared up as Kelly attacked Powers.  Powers was just doing her job (remember, she works for the Fox “News” Channel) but Kelly was not only bombastic, she was heartless and extremely cruel.  No wonder that she has her own show there.  If I had been in Powers’ place, I would have said a very loud “FUCK YOU, KELLY!” into my live microphone, stripped the earpiece out and the microphone off of me, and walked off camera.

That might be the kiss of death for Powers on the Fox “News” Channel, and perhaps Powers needs the income.  I would have gone to poverty rather than have that horrible Kelly abuse me.  I can not speak for anyone else but myself, but that is what I would have done.  Kelly can spit venom for at least two meters.

Megyn Kelly, a piece of work, and a star on the Fox “News” Channel.  She will fall out of favor from Fox someday.  I will rejoice when she loses her job.  She is hateful, wantonly hurtful, and will never get any forgiveness from me, unless something astounding happens to make her more understanding of others. Right, like Murdoch is.

By the way, Kelly is divorced and remarried.  So much for Fox Christian Republican values.  She also has a small child now, so that might explain some of her Republican “grizzly momma” charades.

Now, let us examine Rachel Maddow in some depth.  She earned a degree in Public Policy at Stanford, got a Gardner scholarship, and earned a Ph.D. in politics from Oxford College in the United Kingdom.  Oh, that was after her receiving the Rhodes Scholarship!

Thus, I do not think that there is any intellectual war here.  Kelly is a lightweight, and Maddow is a heavyweight insofar as intellect goes.  Now let us examine Maddow’s interview of a man who is almost prickly at best to the media, and outright hostile to them most of the time.

Here is some of her interview with Holbrook, and he is extremely difficult to interview, because being a politician, he deflects questions.  You tell me how well she did.

As Kelly would say, I now rest my case.  We have two very attractive women here, one close to insane, and one very sane and competent.  Which one would you rather have on the TeeVee?

More importantly, which one would you like to mix a Fresh Grapefruit Drink to share?  I would say Rachel hands down.  Here is the recipe, for two drinks, better shared with straws with folks that you really like.

Here is the recipe.  If you have ice in your freezer, get it out now and allow it to start to melt.  Otherwise, the hard frozen ice will cause the water in the drink to freeze around it, ruining the fizz.

Fresh Grapefruit Drink

One Pink Grapefruit, juiced into a bowl or glass.  Keep the pulp.

Two tall, chilled glasses.

Three (or better, four) ounces of cheap gin.  (The cheaper, the better).

Seven-Up to cover.

Take the grapefruit juice and divide betwixt the glasses, and do the same with the gin.

Stir until mixed well.

Add three or four ice cubes to each glass, and stir.

Add cold Seven-Up to near the top of the glasses, and a twisty straw.

Drink, repeat, and see that your attitude becomes quite different after the second one.

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