Popular Culture (Movies) 20100721: The Night of the Living Dead

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OK, I admit that I got you to read this because of its title, but it is not too far from the plot of the old, classic horror flick.  In a nutshell, everyone turns against each other, except for the Living Dead that were united because they had no brain tissue of their own.

The classic line of the film was uttered by the Sheriff, who said, after being asked a question about the motives of the Living Dead, deadpan,, “They’re all messed up.  They’re dead.”

Thus is the performance of the entire cast of the unfortunate episode about the Shirley Sherrod episode, with everyone being brain dead except for her (who acted with dignity), the vile Breitbart, and the FOX “News” Channel.  Please read more.  This is more opinion than fact, but the film puts it in a sort of bizarre perspective.

In this case, instead of some strange radioactive material, the zombies were animated by one Mr. Andrew Breitbart, hack writer and former contributor for The Huffington Post.  Interestingly, he seems to have a college degree from none other than Tulane, quite a good institution.  In my limited time since Muse spoke, I had not the luxury to determine his degree.  Whatever the major, he seems to have done very well in lying and deception.  If readers have more background on him, such information would be happily received in comments.

Some populations are more susceptible to such influence than others.  The population at The FOX “News” Channel were instantly infected, although their brains have been wiped (IF those there have actual brains other than the stem, that keep the lungs and heart working, but is far from the higher intellectual functions) and instantly were infected by Breitbart radiation.  They became zombies instantly, and later denied that they were.

But it expected that those individuals would be more susceptible that those with normal brain tissue, since they have been impaired for a long time.  As the tissue becomes less robust, it becomes less resilient.  Put better by Black Sabbath, “… radiation, minds decay!”  I think that was from Electric Funeral, perhaps from their second album, Masters of Reality, but please correct me if I am do not recall it just right.

Now, just like the classic film, the contagion spread, through the evil vector of The FOX “News” Channel.  It was at lightening speed, reaching into the real media (more to be said about the use of that word in a couple of paragraphs), the NAACP, and the current administration.  Before long, almost everyone on the TeeVee and the radio became zombified.

The zombies ate the brains of almost everyone who chose to watch the evil radiation from Breitbart (actually, radiation is correct for the visual aspects of his horribly distorted version) and his horribly distorted sonic version of it.  I think that the horrible distortion was also another method of affecting the brains of normal people.  (If you have seen and heard the severe screeching in his version of the clips, you know what I mean).

In any event, the administration became zombified and insisted on the resignation (zombification) of Ms. Sherrod.  She was susceptible for a while, or actually just appeared to be to avoid having her brain eaten.  Then she chose to resist the zombies, and soon the radiation from the evil Breitbart became easier to resist.  By the next day, many of the later zombies were deprogrammed by being exposed to the counter radiation of her entire words, and, fortunately, only The FOX “News” Channel remains zombified, they always were.

The worst of this was the zombification of the administration by The “FOX” News Channel, and I think it is because that the administration is afraid that those zombies will come back again and try to bite them often.  Hopefully, our administration will realize that those zombies are not infectious unless allowed to be.  I shall tell you why that is so.

I listen to those zombies, and sometimes watch them so that you do not have to do so.  I am still a progressive, and my brain is quite fine, except for the half a dozen, garden fresh cherry tomatoes (really big, sweet ones, which have some alkaloids in them) and the half a dozen cigarettes that I rolled and smoked whist writing this (take it easy, they were Price Albert smoking tobacco, with alkaloids, including nicotine, that sort of make the brain work overtime).  Any zombie trying to eat my brain would get an upset stomach.

I have tried to make light of this unfortunate episode, but it is really not funny.  Otherwise reasonable people have been deceived by the extremely foul Breitbart (now, not The FOX “News” Channel, since they are pretty much one in the same), and fear of them caused a panic reaction even into the upper escalations of the administration.  This is UNACCEPTABLE!  If any administration fears the fallout of any real news agency, that administration is doing something wrong.  But to fear The FOX “News” Channel is pure folly.  If a Democratic President were to say that it is usually warmer in daytime than in nighttime, Glenn Beck would appear crying and sweating at three AM to say it is not so.

I am not very good at satire, so please be kind.  The Geek will return Sunday, and a real Popular Culture one will be here Friday, about Atomic Rooster.

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  1. a very disturbing parallel?

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  2. I have to bring up the flip side of that story line, the late-50s Marshall Thompson movie “Fiend Without a Face”, in which invisible brains and spinal cords attack people.  It’s time for the invisible brains to attack!

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