Oh I DESERVE To Write THIS Diary (Daily Kos Banned From MSNBC!)

Hat tip to james risser and cometman


Update: Markos Moulitsas notes differences between bannings at MSNBC and MSNBC

Daily Kos founder says he received email from MSNBC president

Markos Moulitsas, founder of the popular liberal blog DailyKos.com, wrote in a blog post Wednesday that he had been banned from appearing on MSNBC.

Lauren Skowronski, a public relations employee for MSNBC and NBC Universal, MSNBC’s parent company, told Raw Story, “MSNBC is not commenting.”

MSNBC is generally considered a liberal-leaning network, so the claim that a large liberal blogger has been banned has raised eyebrows.

Story continues below…

“In case you were wondering why you haven’t seen me on MSNBC recently, it seems that Joe Scarborough, he of the lowest rated morning show in cableland, has blackballed me,” Moulitsas wrote Wednesday. “And Phil Griffin, the alleged president of MSNBC, is going along with it.”


“Yes, after I became aware of the ugly cheap shot you took at Joe on Twitter, I asked the teams to take a break from booking you on our shows for a while. I found the comments to be in poor taste, and utterly uncalled for in a civil discourse.” -Phil Griffin, MSNBC President


You stupid fucking psychopathic wannabe-pundit FUCKS!!!


You got your ass mo-tha-fuckin BANNED from MSNBC!!!

How does it feel?  Huh? Tell me, how does it feel to be “cast out” by those you wanted to be with?





Trapped in purgatory

A lifeless object, alive

Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition

The sky is turning red

Return to power draws near

Fall into me, the sky’s crimson tears

Abolish the rules made of stone

Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past

Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above

Awaiting the hour of reprisal

Your time slips away

Raining blood

From a lacerated sky

Bleeding its horror

Creating my structure

Now I shall reign in blood!


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  1. bwahahaha!!!

  2. ….

    until I followed the links back to this http://www.dailykos.com/story/

    I mean, really,

    are we supposed to care what they think ?

    I don’t have time to keep up with all the trash talking with the media, once I figured out that it was just meant to suck all the oxygen out of everyone else’s discussions.  

  3. I’m not that enthusiastically “fer” or “agin” anything anymore (I don’t think so, anyway), but still – you made me smile. 🙂

  4. http://seminal.firedoglake.com

    Frank33 at FDL this am “Yet another post about that…. ”

    But there is a problem, Joe and the Suits seem to have forgotten, the Internet never forgets. This gives everyone with a grudge against Joe an obvious target. Anytime Joe insults a librul now, they only have to say, “Joe, at least I never killed anyone.” Joe Scarborough is now very damaged goods, and he can only blame himself. I predict his days on the MSNBC propaganda team are numbered.

    But Kossacks should worry. Markos may be replaced as the tee vee token liberal blogger. Yes, there is a new up and coming blogging liberal. A Young Turk who wants to be on Tee Vee. That is what many Kossacks say. And now by a great coincidence, or who knows, Conspiracy…Markos has upset the Tee Vee gatekeepers. Heck, maybe Mornin’ Joe needs replacing also. The Horror! Cenk Uygur has gotten on the fighting side of some of the Kossacks by posting a Diary at DK and FDL. “Who is More Conservative: Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama?”


    It is inflammatory to compare Obama to those warmongers, Nixon, Reagan and Chimpie. These conservative Presidents, and the vile loathsome demagogue, Reagan gave us an era of assassinations, bombings and state massacres.

    But Obama has given us an era of assassinations against any American citizen. The military and perhaps Blackwater, is bombing four or more countries with unmanned Drones. Massacres against women and children happen every day, by CIA secret armies. Obama, with the new improved, even more fascist “Patriot Act”, has given us a massive domestic espionage program directed against Americans to disrupt and destroy any freedoms that have not been destroyed. The government nearly lost the ability to wiretap any conversation and steal any citizen’s private property. Obama reinstated this vile and loathsome law. Hypocrisy, thy name is Daily Kos.

    Ratigan: Obama …. one year later, drowning in a sea of politics as usual

    want to bring in liberal blogger Cenk Uygar

    you made a comment that the President’s engagement with the GOP might be matched with the President’s engagement with the Democrats at this point.

    Cenk : I wish he would reach out to progressives more than he has he seems to reach out to Republicans a lot more than he has to progressives, he sends out Rahm Emanuel to fight against progressive priorities all the time, so

    how about the people who elected you, how about reaching out to them?

    Ratigan: what is the biggest thing that sticks in your craw?

    Cenk:  …..  I think he’s going about this bipartisanship appeal… in completely the wrong way.  Counterproductive.

    Bush got bipartisanship. Did he get it nicely? no, he got it by threats. Vote with me on the Iraq War or you will lose your seat. If you don’t vote with me on tax cuts you will lose your seat.  And he got bipartisanship on all of that.

    Obama keeps asking nicely and keeps getting shut out. Look what the Republicans did yesterday.  Voting no on Pay Go?  Saying no I don’t want deficit reduction….. they are never ever going to vote for him by asking nicely he needs to name names.  He needs to say if you have a pre existing condition in Iowa, and you can’t get insurance, it’s Chuck Grassley’s stopped it with his obstructionism on the Republican side, it’s his fault that your aunt cant get coverage or your wife can’t get coverage.  He needs to go on the attack, and then ironically, he’ll get bipartisanship.

    Where I believe Cenk is messing up is that he is assuming that the President and his advisors like Rahm Emanuel,  or his budget director like Peter Orszag (who is leaving soon), or the assorted clowns at the Treasury,  actually want any sort of liberal or progressive policies to be enacted.  He is assuming good faith on their part, and is still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  But….  This President is perfectly happy to have any sort of hoary old Reaganomic or Clintonomic Third Way Triangulation crap enacted, and then to turn around and say, oh, too bad, sorry but we just could not do this with a supermajority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and the Oval office all being the same party.  We needed a Republican vote(s).

    This is because they made those deals way before the election.  Now that the Republicans have sized him up, and seen how easy it is to get a capitulation out of them on almost anything, just by using the “F” word (threat of filibuster)  (which is what happens when you let the Republicans write your legislation, such as what happened with Senators Lieberman and Graham working on the Energy Bill with Kerry the Kapitulator,  )  the pattern has been set.

    Don’t think all those Blew Dawgs don’t know that they can get more gravy by playing the same games and cooperating with Emanuel for those DNC Dollars to marginalize the progressive and liberal bases as much as possible.

    They have the House write legislation and then tell the House to go fly a kite, sic the Tea Party on the most liberal members during the summer fundraising recess, which I wrote about last year and which infuriated those that were doing it, when I documented the money chain, and then they tell the Senate to go ahead and write what bill the President actually wants.

    The Senate which can do anything without a supermajority of 60 votes, not 50, and which has exactly the same number of Senators from each state.  Guaranteeing that the South will continue to dominate the national policy and squeeze the Northern states into more poverty. I see southern style wedge politics, which embraces the class divide (Manifest Destiny, Pre Destination, Calvinism, “inevitability” modern Crusades, etc )  coming into my west coast state, which went for the Democrats nationally during the 2008 election,  and this crap is the last thing that we need.

    The Senate making the Law- If this is not a tyranny of the overlords or landed gentry or royalty by inheritance, then, exactly, just what the hell is it ?

    Now we have the internet version of threats with the unofficial OFA/DNC site of the net.  Keep up the charade that nothing is wrong with this, or we’ll not let you cross post on different websites, only ours, or we’ll send people around the web to enforce it.  


  5. especially when you find out that you are not tight with the “in” crowd.  

  6. Lincoln did upon his election and make the greatest effort to keep the Union together. I’m not sure he even knows what century this is. He’s brainwashed himself into a stupor, and has already been a lame duck since last summer. But he still waddles and quacks believing  people still think he’s cool, but unfortunately they don’t, except for some old halloween pumpkins. I don’t pick up his signals anyhow where I live.


  7. Indeed.

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