Obama Hypocrisy Hits a New Low – HCR Mandate IS a tax, after all !!

Obama used to insist that the healthcare mandate was not a tax. Now, in court, in fighting state nullification, the Obama Administration says just the opposite.

From an OpenLeft quick hit

Obama: Mandate is not a tax … until after the vote (bmull)

Remember when George Stephanopolous whipped out the dictionary on Obama who replied, “I absolutely reject that notion (that the mandate is a tax)?” Well, that was then. This is now.

Whether or not you believe the ends justify the means, it’s hard to see how this flip-flop doesn’t hurt Democrats in the election.


  1. …an Organizing For Change — Obama rally/teach in on HIS HCR this coming Tuesday evening.  I really want to stand up and say something, but I’m afraid they will keep everything so controlled they will not allow extemporaneous comment.  But I intend to try.  If I am given an opportunity to speak (I intend to dress really well), my attack will be rapid, exceedingly polite and move into every area of his failed presidency before anyone will be able to notice I am an “Enemy Combatant.”

    Please write to me in Guantanamo, or wherever!  

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