Is glen beck “Grifting” in Using a Veterans Organization

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The beck is having a get together with many of the grifters, a very patriotic? affair, on the so called right and those in this country easily feeding into their meme’s, as they offer nothing of real policy or idea’s but seem to really hate the country they and their’s before them especially grew up in. I say their’s before them because it was them who built the once middle class and helped everyone as well as the upper class and all investors etc. to prosper, up until some thirty years back when it all started changing and we’re now living in the wake of the destruction.

In this get together he’s blatantly stating that proceeds of will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation which seems to be embracing this gathering of grifters, none I’ll bet are speaking for free, they just don’t, unlike real grassroots rallies, they charge handsomely for their few minutes of ‘talking points’ or ‘bumper sticker’ quotes. There’s a caveat as to this funding for the SOWF and is written out in the very small print well hidden at the bottom of the becks website page for the gathering of the patriotic? flag wavers.

Restoring Honor Rally

The purchase of Restoring Honor Rally merchandise is not a donation to SOWF, but all net proceeds from the sale of Restoring Honor Rally merchandise is being donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Honor Rally taking place on August 28, 2010. All contributions in excess of these costs will then be retained by the SOWF. Tax ID 52-1183585.

That first highlight means folks, You Can’t Write Off The Costs You ‘Contribute’ As A Donation as you would in giving to a group helping others, a charity of need, if you were to want to. So you flag wavers and teabaggers attending please spend and spend, beck and company will get happier and happier with you!

Now notice the second highlight and read very carefully, like I said the speakers attending don’t do so for Free and they get paid really handsomely for their fifteen or so minutes of empty talk while cutting down the country and it’s long established once proud and envied history!

But there’s more apparently the grifter beck DOESN’T HAVE A DC PARK PERMIT for his gathering of the ‘second coming’, yet, where he feeds the crowds gathered loaves of stale bread and rotten fish with those hidden smiles from him and the rest as they silently count the ‘contributions’ given all the way to the bank or off shore tax haven!!

This explains the above abit clearer:

It should be interesting to research out the public disclosures as to not only this gather, as to the IRS filings, but what this Veterans group will actually get that’s left over, If Anything! And all those attending will have the responsibility of the contributions, if any, to this Veterans org.

We’ve had the reports of some well known Veterans orgs and how much those that lead them are paid and what actually gets to the recipients, the Veterans. We’ve, Veterans, have been following the news recently of a so called Veterans Group that seems to be nothing more then a Political Slush fund for Campaign Contributions with extremely little given to Veterans needs if anything at all.

Here’s some recent news on that:

Attorney general: Group bilked Ohioans for $1.9 million

30 June 2010 Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has filed suit against a national nonprofit that has collected $1.9 million in donations from Ohioans in the name of helping military veterans.

During a press conference near the Statehouse June 24, Cordray called the U.S. Navy Veterans Association “a phony outfit that is simply using the good name of our armed forces … to cheat Ohioans and other patriotic Americans.”

The state has requested temporary restraining orders to stop the Florida-based group from collecting donations in Ohio, with hopes of confiscating new donations for future return to donors.

With the action, Ohio joins a number of other states investigating the association and its activities. The issue came to light following an investigation by the St. Petersburg Times newspaper, which questioned whether the group was using donations to assist veterans or if some of the donations went instead to political candidates. Continued

U.S. Navy Vets director’s political donations result in boon for Virginia charities

30 June 2010 The public exposure that has come to the U.S. Navy Veterans Association in Virginia after their founder Bobby Thompson made contributions to various elected officials has not worked out so well for the group. However, the group’s loss has turned into various other charities’ gain in the Commonwealth.

The group is now under investigation by the Virginia’s Office of Consumer Affairs, which regulates charities. Two state delegates yesterday asked the governor to direct the Virginia State Police to investigate as well, though a spokeswoman for the department said no such inquiry has so far been opened.

After questions were raised about the group’s activities–authorities have been unable to locate many of the officers and staffers listed on various official documents–several Virginia politicians who had received donations from Thompson pledged to contribute money in equal amounts to his donation to other charities.

We’ve now got a listing of who gave where.


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) was the recipient of Thompson’s most generous gifts–two checks totaling $55,500. After resisting, Cuccinelli has said he would put an equivalent amount in a restricted bank account and donate it to charity if Thompson is convicted of misappropriating the group’s funds. Continued

Notice that last, the State Attorney General, part of that job is investigating corruption, has instead of donating the already tainted monies, which others have quickly done, will hold onto it, now notice the political party letter after the name!

More on this so called Veterans org as it first came out and other recent use of the Military and Veterans, suspected:

U.S. Navy Veterans Association. {If you visit that link be prepared, patriotic music, and looks like an real early style website produced by someone who is a lousy pitchman, or grifter, as it screams at you.}

Another scam charity by those who use our military personal and veterans for their own personal wealth and comfort? The cut and links below are the first of two reports on this charity{?} or extension of political PAC{!}. The second part and links follow that.

U.S. Navy Veterans Association: Under the radar

Is the U.S. Navy Veterans a helpful charity or an illusion? Try finding the leaders and following the money. –>–>–>

Part one

* Under the radar

Is the U.S. Navy Veterans a helpful charity or an illusion? Try finding the leaders and following the money.

* About the USNVA

Many names, many claims … many dead ends.

* Letters: The U.S. Navy Veterans Association responds

Answering questions from the St. Petersburg Times, the group sent hundreds of pages of e-mails that veered into attacks on the reporter, the newspaper and the nonprofit that owns it, the Poynter Institute. Here are nine key responses. –>–>–>

Multimillion-dollar nonprofit charity for Navy veterans steeped in secrecy

Bobby Thompson, left, poses with Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee, as Gee accepts a Navy Veterans Association donation to the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. With them are association volunteers Blanca Contreras, left, and Karmika Rubin, since named special counsel.

Suppertime on a Sunday evening, a phone rings in suburban Tampa. Some 1,200 miles away, in a call center in Michigan, a cheerful telemarketer starts his pitch for a donation to the U.S. Navy Veterans Association.

Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan need your help, he says. Any donation, even $20, would help pay for care packages.

He says the Navy Vets group has a long history. “They have a main office right there in Tampa. They really are on the up and up.”

How much of the donation gets to the Navy veterans, the homeowner asks, and how much goes to the telemarketer?

“That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked. Hold the line and I’ll get a supervisor.”

The supervisor says 20 percent goes to the charity. When the home­owner presses for more details, the line goes dead.

Other questions about the nonprofit went unanswered as well. In a six-month investigation, the St. Petersburg Times could find only one officer in the entire organization, and the nonprofit declined to reveal where its millions of dollars of income went. –>–>–>

Second part of this investigative journalist report:

Part two

* Money and politics

Bobby Thompson mixed his nonprofit with his personal politics, which are passionately held and backed with cash.

* Dear Sen. Miller

Les Miller says the charity’s message was clear: Drop out of the Hillsborough County Commission race.

* ‘News to me’

Records lead to a California professor and a phantom voter in Hillsborough County.

* Political contributions by Bobby C. Thompson (PDF)

* NAVPAC contributions (PDF)

* Letter to Les Miller (PDF)

Charity leader’s sideline: politics

The Ybor duplex: Thompson lived in the left side. The right side doubled as offices for the nonprofit Navy Veterans Association and for NAVPAC, a political action committee. After the Times  started asking questions, the PAC shut down and Thompson cleared out. His landlord said he left no forwarding address.

It’s an important rule of thumb for organizations the IRS has certified as tax-exempt nonprofits: They should be nonpartisan and refrain from interfering in political contests.

Bobby Thompson, the voice of the IRS-certified, nonprofit U.S. Navy Veterans Association, made clear he knows it: “It’s simple,” he said in an interview. “We do not make endorsements or political contributions.”

But Thompson has mixed his nonprofit with his personal politics, which are passionately held and backed by cash.


More than 10 years ago, Thompson helped organize U.S. Navy Veterans for Good Government, later called NAVPAC. That group contributed to dozens of politicians around the country.


The Navy Veterans Association said Thompson has met personally with political figures from Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio to Gov. Charlie Crist to President George W. Bush. Two Christmases ago, he sent friends pictures of himself next to Bush.

A photo of Thompson with Iorio was tacked to the front of the unpretentious duplex in Ybor City where Thompson lived and worked. Half of the duplex was his home, the other half was an office that did double-duty for NAVPAC and for the Navy Veterans nonprofit. Thompson helped found both organizations. –>–>–>

Many names, many claims … many dead ends

The roster at the U.S. Navy Veterans Association’s Washington headquarters includes CEO Jack L. Nimitz, secretary Brian Reagan and compliance officer Patsy Mii. State officers include Saul Sena of Delaware, Gaither Longfellow of Alabama and, from Alaska, Bob “Boats” Rankles.

Their names are among the 85 included in documents the association filed with the IRS.

Is Nimitz a descendant of Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, commander of Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II? The Navy Veterans Association would not say and provided no help locating him or any of the other officers.

The St. Petersburg Times conducted hundreds of searches of directories, online public records databases and newspaper and broadcast stories going back more than 25 years. In six months searching, the Times could not find any of them. –>–>–>

And this from last year, found while looking for a few other links on the above:

Firm must halt its charity fraud

A telemarketing company has been tagged for deceptive fundraising practices

Community Support Inc. solicited contributions for numerous charities, including the U.S. Navy Veterans Association, the Association for Firefighters and Paramedics Inc., the American Foundation for Disabled Children and the Reserve Police Officers Association.

The telemarketing firm told residents that 100 percent of their donations would go to charitable programs, and the money would be used in Hawaii. In fact, 85 percent to 90 percent of the money collected went to the fundraisers themselves and none supported charities in Hawaii, according to the suit. –>–>–>

The directly above, with not only two occupations ongoing and soliciting for a Veterans Group but also following the attacks on 9/11 doing same as to a Firefighters and Paramedics group then a heart pulling for Disabled Children, tells much about the lengths some will go to not only enrich themselves, as well as networking for political connections looking to reap even more, but use the sacrifices and physical troubles of others, in this country, not caring at all nor having any compassion about those they use!

This is also what this countries economy has developed into, instead of using those highly touted ‘free market’ ideologies of pushing the money to the top thus supposedly creating a ‘trickle down’ of prosperity for All, it’s collecting at the top, not creating or sustaining jobs nor growth, and much being directed towards political policy control by business and personal ideologies and not for the better of this country and it’s citizens!

Add To The Above

The posts by angelajean on Beck as well as the very recent report Sean Hannity’s charity alleged to be a scam – is anyone surprised?

Team up a carnival barker like Sean Hannity with an illegal arms merchant like Oliver North, give them a “charity” with a patriotic hook, and entrust them with your money – good plan, right?

When allegations came out this week – from another conservative, no less – that Hannity’s charity didn’t really meet what a person would consider a reputable level when it comes to how much they actually give, the first question might be – is anyone surprised? –>–>–>

And the long running pattern becomes clearer and clearer!! Though for many of us we’ve watched this over these decades and the growth of!

We all know what a so called political party already really thinks about those that serve, or at least those of us who served in Vietnam as well as recipients of, they had a real good time and allot of laughs over their funny!

Wonder if they’ve resupplied to sell for ‘contributions’ to the gather so they can ‘donate’, which will be a write off, what’s left to the Veterans org. SOWF, after of course they once again have a Reall Good time laughing and joking about!

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