High Court to Investigate: Torture

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And you thought that meant the U.S. courts I’ll bet {we don’t do accountability of top officials representing us}, nope it’s the British high courts and a Brit Government Inquiry into torture is also setting to begin. But they both will bring out the U.S. participation in that which we condemn those we occupy and are fighting of doing.

When an occupation military starts doing what they are condemning others of doing, torture and more, they have lost all moral authority and any self righteousness to condemn anyone anywhere for same, more important any chance to win over the populations they occupy. When they carry out these acts and even blatantly photograph and more these actions of what we label human rights atrocities and war crimes, we helped write the international laws as well as our own domestic laws against, they put into action recruitment of those occupied to fight back and get their fellow soldiers killed and maimed, the majority who serve and wouldn’t carry out atrocities, in the blowback of retaliation and much more! It also greatly damages any sense of National Security for innocent civilians as they become the targets of criminal terrorist attacks in the rising blowback and retaliation!

Army ‘involved in torture mission with US troops’

Ali Lafteh Eedan says he was tortured by US and British forces working together

16 July 2010 Claims that British soldiers used water torture on a badly beaten Iraqi man before unlawfully handing him over to US interrogators are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence. The troubling case includes the first evidence before a UK court of British soldiers being directly involved in a joint torture operation with US forces.

Ali Lafteh Eedan, 37, says that for three hours British and US soldiers attempted to drown him by pushing his head into a bucket of water in August 2008. His case is the latest of 100 allegations being investigated by the Ministry of Defence’s Iraqi historic abuse team. Continued

High Court to investigate Iraq torture allegations

17 July 2010 Iraqis who claim that hundreds of British soldiers were directly involved in widespread torture and abuse have won the first round in their legal battle to force the Government to open a public inquiry.

Judges sitting in the High Court in London yesterday ruled there was an arguable case that the alleged ill-treatment was systemic, and not just carried out at the whim of individual soldiers. The cases before the court include allegations of sexual abuse, mock executions, electric shocks, beatings and, in one case, murder.

Yesterday The Independent revealed the first allegation of water torture and evidence of collusion between British and American military units operating in southern Iraq.


When he arrived at the camp his blindfold was removed and he was surrounded by six to eight soldiers, he says. “The soldiers asked us to pick fights with one another, or fight them. The soldiers were laughing and taking photos. The soldiers then made us squeeze together in a pile, while a soldier stood on top of us and shouted and laughed.”

Mr Ghulaim says the soldiers then forced a younger Iraqi to strip naked and they started playing with his penis and taking photographs. Continued

Whether the accusations of all are true or not it makes no difference, we already know some or most of those held in country, Iraq and Afghanistan, have been tortured and some possibly killed while doing so! We already know that some or most grabbed in renditions and flown to other countries and secret prisons, as well as Guantanamo Cuba {this while condemning for years the Cuban Government of doing exactly what we’ve now done on their soil}, have been treated in same manner, most of those held there have now been released for apparently there was no evidence to even have taken them nor held them for years and these are the ones now seeking Justice, instead of retaliation and blowback, that Justice we democracies claim as our corner stones of our Freedoms and Liberty!


  1. Ministers can no longer afford to ignore abuse by the Army

    17 July 2010 The Government was quick off the mark to order an inquiry into Britain’s alleged role in the torture of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. But ministers have shown no such urgency in answering similar calls for a single judicial investigation into claims that British soldiers have been directly involved in the torture of prisoners.

    The horrifying case of Baha Mousa, kicked and beaten to death by British soldiers in 2003, shows that if only a handful of the 100 Iraqis alleging abuse are found to be telling the truth, the political fallout will swamp anything uncovered by an inquiry into complicity in torture. Continued

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    I really like the part where the behead the offending rulers. Can we get to do that again?

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