Happy Independence Day!

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For  South America, at least…(not here)

Finally, the truth actually gets out there on TV…for a split second or two.



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  1. Where Democracy can be found….

    • Xanthe on July 6, 2010 at 00:53

    So true – we’ve been messing with South America for decades.  Looks like we’re not finding that SA traitor to help us along.  good.  

  2. I listened as germans spoke of vacations in Cuba in their native tongue even if my german sucked and I only picked up half the conversation.  I was after all sitting in the cafeteria of “Globo-Corp itself pondering how American hedgemony was unsustainable and how the world really didn’t give a rat’s ass about what the American press propaganda feeds to the American sheeple.  These were just normal people talking about good times had at reasonable expense.

    Which brings me to that quagmire of “Your illusions of “Independence Day” mean nothing to this “American” who financially speaking has to occupy the geographic space which is this fucking cesspool of Pavlovian programmed zombie like walking dead corpses.

    Did I fully illustrate my contempt here.

  3. Free Society, for this diary.  Thanks.  Thanks.

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