Contractual Finactuals

Urban Myth or Truth in Finance?

In the ever increasing Orwellianisms of financial “reform” my daughter has pointed out that credit card “subscriptions” now morph and FIND another credit line owned by YOU to attach these monthly FEES to.  So, getting rid of the credit card account does not mean getting rid of the FEE for services, products, software which you no longer want, need, can afford, especially at 23.99 APR.

Point two.  Can one ask the bank for your own real and personal resonable credit limit?

How does one caution the Facebook generation on the evils of connecting the entire world to your own empty pocketbook?

Today from Lamesteam all the focus is on informercials for Idol.

I have yet to watch even a single episode, and plan to keep it that way!

Excellent piece on “Fusion Centers”


More about technocracy and it’s real and potential evils.


Charles Rangle of “bring back the draft fame”

Does this “controvery” have a deep political theme.


Places I like now, deep politics and exopolitics.  For mental expansion of course and escape from the lamestream Lindsey Lohan Facebook Tweeting Twittering ADHD inducing techno trivia.