Breaking: BP Claims Well Shut Off During Test

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BP is claiming the oil well has been successfully shut off for now during this pressure test.

If you pray, pray.  

I’ll add more in a minute.  Staring at webcams.

Pressure will build up quickly, so they may turn it back on to release pressure so things don’t go to hell suddenly.

This is unlikely to stay the same status for much over an hour, at the most.

fastest webcam captures…

update 1.  Well monitoring is taking place. So far, pressure steady.  A sudden drop indicates a breach somewhere and they would re open valves to let oil flow out rather than blow a hole somewhere else in the well, equipment, or well bore.

Update from twitter:

 Update: NO OIL FLOWING INTO THE GULF #oilspill  

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New well cap would allow oil flow regulation in case of hurricane – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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We were no happy with the redundancy in BP equipment, asked for more – Adm. Allen #oillspill

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Will drill relief wells about 10 feet at a time, pause for testing each time – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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Relief well about 100 feet above proposed intersection point – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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Integrity test will inform how we’re going to perform relief well digs – Adm. Allen  

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Integrity test also important in predicting relief wells’ success – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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Much of equipment has been designed and engineered for the first time – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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We don’t think there’s a problem with well bore – Adm. Allen #oilspill  

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Consistent low pressure reading would indicate leak, stop testing again – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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Test scheduled to run for 48 hours, in 6-hour increments – Adm. Allen #oilspill

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We are ready now to restart integrity testing – Adm. Allen

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apparently the last thing they shut off was blowing quite a bit of plume out nearer the bottom and that was pretty spectacular in appearance, I had thought something popped off somewhere as I had watched.

Government live video feeds here.


bird cleaning station

skandi rov 1 leak monitoring

skandi rov 2  leak monitoring

olympic rov2 leak monitoring

update 2  here’s a screengrab picture I just took of skandi cam looking at the top of the ram stack.

BP oil spill,sealing cap,stack cap,stack ram,leak stopped,leak capped

The top of the new cap and stack. Thurs July 15, 2010,  1:20 pm PDT.  No leaks.  Oil has been stopped from leaking during this pressure test .  Skandi  Rov cam was swimming around stack taking different views.  


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  1. ….. somebody has spaghetti for brains !!!!!

    Matt Simmons has been completely debunked and Dylan Ratigan is treating him seriously !!!!   He’s the kook saying the well is leaking miles away !!!!

    Shut up !!!   There is no underground giant spill miles away !!!   Aiieeeeee !!!!

    Great, now Sen Merkley gets to debunk him instead of talking about anything else.  Ratigan =  idiot.  

  2. Do you believe BP?

    The Federal Guvment right now?

    Thad Allen?

    I’ll believe its capped when there are multiple sources outside of BP and the Federal gov’t telling me so and also showing me in as clear and stark terms as possible.

    Until then I’m waiting for a greater clusterfuck to unfold.

    I’ve been battling comments that, surely, this component has a “safety allowance” well above its rating. Boomers, this is pure horseshit. When you’re pressuring up against metal with hydrocarbons, the “maximum” in “maximum working pressure” fucking means MAXIMUM. Purposefully exceeding MWP is, in fact, criminally actionable. MWP is enforced in the Oil & Gas industry with perfect vigor. There is no tolerance for exceeding MWP. None. Never. Ever.

    You. Don’t. Fucking. Do. It.

    BP is PLANNING on doing it! They would not and could not do it without the U.S. Government taking full responsibility, in the name of Thad Allen, for the consequences of over-pressuring the FlexJoint.

  3. It may turn out good, but, right now, it’s pretty damned scary.  We have every reason to be skeptical, the weaknesses of the riser, itself, the faulty flooring, a cap creating great pressure — just plain scary.  I mean, what if it won’t simply escape elsewhere, where we cannot see it escaping?  On the other hand, somewhere I read (and I don’t know if it’s really so) that BP is now operating at the instruction of some experts from other countries.  If true, it gives me a little hope.

    Here’s a video from the AP:  BP Says no more oil going into the Gulf

    . . . . President Barack Obama called it a positive sign, but cautioned: “We’re still in the testing phase.”

    The stoppage came 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes after the first report April 20 of an explosion on the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon oil rig that killed 11 workers. Somewhere between 94 million and 184 million gallons spilled into the Gulf, according to government estimates.

    The skepticism comes after a string of failed attempts by BP to contain the leak, including the use of a giant concrete-and-steel box that became clogged with ice-like crystals; a colossal stopper and siphon tube that trapped very little oil; and an effort to jam the well by pumping in mud and shredded rubber.

    Wells said the oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25 p.m. CDT after engineers gradually dialed back the amount of crude escaping through the last of three vents in the cap, an 18-foot-high metal stack of pipes and valves . . . .

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