BP Oil Spill Witness: Kindra Arnesen

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Kindra Arnesen is part of a husband and wife fishing & shrimping team that made their living off the coast of Louisiana until the blowout of the BP Deepwater Horizon well destroyed their livelihood.   They then tried working for BP as part of the cleanup.   What do you do if you see your young child on shore getting so sick from the fumes you have no choice but to try to take her away from this ?  What do you do when you see workers told not to use respirators, and fish dying ?  This is her story.

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{{{   BP says about the clean up “We need to cut costs”

Ponies and balloons means “heads up,” when an official shows up. Happens everyday watched it seen it don’t agree with it.

Health issues sat thru endless hours of meetings w/ BP, Coast Guard OSHA, in order to obtain a respirator, but EPA is doing their monitoring, so everything is “great.”

There is an OSHA act somewhere that volunteers can wear their own respirators, but BP has TAKEN OVER OUR GULF They are here in charge of this response. BP’s rules are that you have to be properly trained to wear a respirator, but everything’s okay, so they don’t need to wear a respirator, and guess what if you don’t follow BP’s rules, you don’t have a job, that’s what they told me.

OSHA Blaming heat exhaustion, or boats spraying PINE SOL over their boats, for the sickness on the 4 boats. I’ve been on boats all my life, we take care of our boats. What about 9/11, I asked him ? They are trying to blame them.

He actually pointed the finger at our NY firefighters , and pointed the finger at them, people who are dying a slow death, from poisons, and said, when we there, we followed them around with the respirators, they said, “we’re not wearing the respirators. We’re looking for our friends.” Trained firefighters in NY ? Are you serious ?

My child is breaking out in 4 rashes. I took her away, she cleared up, I brought her back, she broke out again,

Fishing is already very highly regulated.  We have 7 fishing permits and don’t have anywhere else to go. we provide a food source for our country, a natural way to feed people, if anyone knows how to do this now would they tell me?

what is going on here are we going to roll over and let ourselves be poisoned?

(she describes boating for miles along the shoreline, with oil off the coastline, and seeing no responders. And seeing schools of fish dying in the water, hundreds and hundreds of them.  )

“Yes there is a media blackout. ”

“the bottom line is , if this country does not step up and stop this, it will destroy a third of the world’s oceans, everything is connected. enough is enough”    }}}


– Kindra Arneson ,  Gulfemergencysummit.org  


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  1. …. when they will be next, because they are not allowing people to even buy and use their own respirators.

    From when Kindra took her boat out by herself


    “I look over the Gulf and I notice that there’s big swarms of birds. That’s not unusual. I figured they was diving on bait. But what where they diving into oil sheen? Because birds don’t know any better. We’re driving out towards the birds. I wanted to see what they were diving into. I wanted to know. As we get out to the birds, I don’t know if you’ve been out on the water much, if you’ve seen a big school of fish. They have like a boil on the water. It looks like a pot boiling. The fish boil the water with their moves. As we drove into it, there was big Bull Reds (Bull Mouths?) with their mouths on top of the water , laying sideways , swimming upside down in a circle. Again, hundreds of thousands of them, school after school after school. They were dying. They were so disoriented that they were running into the side of my boat.

    Hurricane Alex’s winds pushed all the oil slick up north into the shorelines of Mississippi, Louisisana, and Florida.  When the clouds and winds clear out, people are going to be disgusted at what is revealed.  When the sun hits it, it’s going to make the air on shore even worse for the humans.  

  2. Thank goodness there are some brave souls in this world!

    We’ve known how bad it is, but a “native” speaking about it propounds it all with greater intensity.

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