BP Apologists

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BP Apologists.

Excuse Pollution.

Ban Regulations.

Reward Incompetence.

Protect Corporations.

Outsource Prosperity.

Embrace Unemployment.

Ignore Homelessness.

Shelf Compassion.

Pocket Donations.

Playground Politics.

Corporate Heist.

Gangster Banksters.

Corporate Welfare.

Wealth Transfer.

Ownership Society.

Generational Scarring.

Economic Brutality.

Favors Elites.

Downward Wages.

GOPs Base.

BP Apologists.


The genesis of this unusual communication style —

this exercise in a new kind of “Haiku” —

is a spin-off of a comment I made earlier toady in another Diary:

We Need …

more. short. simple. slogans.

People Matter.

Corporate Heist.

Common Welfare.

Social Good.

Public Interest.

Fact based.

Clean Energy.

Old School.

Tax Fairness.

Full Employment.

Just Society.

Corporate Responsibility.

BP Apologists.

Worker Rights.

Ed Schultz calls this the “2-word culture” —

The GOP are masters at this — thanks to Frank Luntz and the Heritage Foundation etc.

The Dems not so much.

Try to get the to Point with a typical Democrat —

and you get a 12 Point Policy plan.

(and the moment is lost)

Having a backpack full of 2-word slogans —

can help with those sorely needed “Elevator Speeches”.

As Howard Dean put it a few years ago —

People Vote their Values

But Dem Run on their Policies.

That can translate to “No Contest”.


BTW.  the “New Rule” for this new kind of “Haiku” is

Two words

Boil. it. down. to.

2 Words.

Words with emotional punch.

And it’s fun too!  

YOU TOO! can “Talk. like. a. Gopher.”

Peace out.


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    • jamess on July 9, 2010 at 02:38

    Do matter.

    • Edger on July 9, 2010 at 02:48

    Seize BP.

    Nationalize Big Oil.

    Sorry, that was three words.


    Nationalize Government.

  1. “Plug” BP!

    Stop GOP!

    Run-off Voting

    End IOU’s!

    Lobby Jobs!

    End Two-Party!

    People First!

    Reverse Perverse!

  2. just kidding,

    I think.

    Or not.

    Doesn’t matter.

    We’re doomed.

  3. Wealth Concentration

    Corporate Welfare

    Pocket Picking

    Fundamentally Intolerant

    Middle-Class Decimation

    Anti-Worker Agents

    Pro-Imperialistic Idiots

  4. No way.

    Not possible.

    Read essay.

    Much relieved.

    Recced essay.

    Tipped comments.

    Closed window.

    Bye now!

  5. Sound bites.

    Best short.

    Convey message.

    Destroy opponents.

    Opponents long-winded.

    Opponents complicated.

    We whine.

    We’re loud.

    We’re understandable.

    We’re short.

    We’re heard.

    You’re ignored.

    We win.

    You lose.

    …sigh… Say it ain’t so, Joe…

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