An Option for Fun

Two parents now showing signs of dimentia related dysfunction.  A house fire, boomerang kids who can’t leave, no prospects of a job and terminated unemployment benefits so I bought a horse trailer.

When I say Last Summer Before Armageddon I am not shitting.

First off any recovery by the real estate market will be hampered by building code revisions that even the idle construction people are going to be arguing amongst themselves for years trying to figure out, on top of banks simply not lending money period, on top of societal changes blurring the real estate market.  What is supported is high density housing units in which people have to conform to and abide by ever increasing anal rules of condo associations, lease agreements and or anything and everything which decreases individual thought expressions, creative thinking, non-consumerist survival themes and or compliance with acceptable lamestream media induced behavior modification political correctness.  Now I don’t care if it’s Glenn Beck on the “right” or Guam tipping over and falling into the ocean due to global warming on the “left” the Oh My God factor of everything sucks just might be waking up the Lindsey Lohan set.

So wikileaks posted crap about the war in Afghanistan.  A repeat of old themes.  The BBC before it was compromised aired “The Power of Nightmares”.  The 911 truth global movement goes unreported.  The G20 gets little real coverage and the swine flu is gone yet the Purelle dispensers remain.

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I ask the question.  As my life terminates does the life of the United States terminate also.

Excellent video on agenda 21.