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  1. … teh blogs ain’t what they used to be.

  2. ….  who said it ?   It looks like the remark was hidden.

    And I’m not buying the excuse.  He, Rachel Maddow, and some others ate lunch with you know who,  and suddenly he doesn’t want anything to do with you-  know – what  ?    Could be in a very unspoken and nice way between the soup and salad,  it was implied that access wasn’t going to be forthcoming if certain sites were graced.  

    Of course that might infuriate him further that I just typed it,  but look at how Rachel backed off a certain topic after her last visit.  And he is free to tell me it isn’t so.  Just a coincidence.  

    I understand why they are doing it.  No doubt they are told that the Senate has such fragile egos and our National Security is at such risk, that the President needs them to be polite or they won’t get any legislation thru if a whiff of criticism is heard.  

    DNC is now married to the OFA, and the site has a big purity patrol designed to have the OFA act as “third way”  “Repub Lite” as possible while they continue to abuse the term “Democrat” and “progressive.”  

    This isn’t CT, this is reality.   Any whiff of you agree with the wrong person and they kick up Smear Machine 101.

    So the OFA/DNC Podesta message machine purity patrol has another pelt, the site goes more right wing, aka less credibility,  and ?????  

  3. …. compared to the gigantic meta sh*t storms going on which I don’t want to try to open on this computer.  Geez.


    A Siegal  6/16  EPA and the cost benefit analysis of the Kerry Lieberman Energy bill aka Power Act    also blogs on


    Even with flawed analysis, the EPA concluded that, “averaged over 2010-2050, households will pay an extra $79 to $146 a year. Not exactly a steep price to pay to avoid catastrophe.”

  4. comment Olbermann took exception to was posted in a diary written by DK’s resident Obama hagiographer.  A diary that sat on the top of the ‘recommended list’ for most of the day.  A diary that contained this pearl of wisdom:

    just look how Keith Olberman transformed from Edward Murrow wannabe to a clown

    Every time I think the Obama fan club on Kos has gone off the deep end, they renovate the pool and dig it a few feet deeper.

    I, for one, miss Meteor Blades presence over there the past couple of days.

  5. “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days,” Olbermann said of the president’s remarks, echoing similarly negative comments from fellow MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

    Took a minute, I haven’t looked at DK in a long time–and don’t want to again.

  6. not this particular shitstorm so much but that its being reported in Politico. lololol.

    btw the offending commenter did post an apology in a comment in KO’s GBFN diary.

  7. The site where the largest numbers congregate is dKos.

    The dynamic expressed there is very similar to what someone in an emotionally abusive relationship says to rationalize the reality:

    “Oh, he ( Obama/Rahm) really does respect me, he is just having a hard time showing it.”

    ” But he told me that he loves me, so when he told me to “fuck off” it was just him not dealing with stress very well”.

    “I’m the one who he knows has his back, so this other stuff, (“fuck off”) is minor compared to the love I know we have”.

    Sound familiar? ring any bells?

  8. perfect perfect perfect.

    I didn’t even need to read the comments.

    I miss you. But I know where to find you in this calm water.

  9. Another metapocalypse in Douchebagistan.  Yeah, I’d like my f*cking check, too.

    So it goes in the world of celebrity, where every snit, however ill conceived, gets reported and analyzed.  And sides are taken.  And the pitchforks are sharpened, and the torches are lit.  What’s on the other channel, Gracie.  Yawn.

    • Edger on June 19, 2010 at 00:26

    Someone has created an account there with username: “Keith Olbermann Sucks Ass”, uid:211711, so that it appears when anyone searches for user “Keith Olbermann“. There is no profile info, no diaries, and no comments posted under that account.

  10. Netflix did finally send Invisible Empire.


    Another hit from Jason!

  11. Markos will be MIA, the Mod’s will be useless, and, Olbermann’s words unheeded about just how screwed up they have let DK become.

    Incompetence starts at the top, Markos…  

  12. JUST to get a message TO Markos!

    @markos I see Keith Olbermann even left Daily Kos! Wow, must be all that moderating not being done. Good job!!

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