Video of the BP Call Center Whistleblower, with Transcript

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BP Call Center Just A ‘Diversion’

6/13/10 A KHOU interview reveals that the BP call center in Houston for the company’s oil disasters is just a “diversion” to prevent concerns and ideas from reaching BP corporate.…

Transcription of this Channel Eleven News Report KHOU-TV, Houston.

follows below …

Transcription of this Channel Eleven News Report, on BP Call Center Whistleblower:

[My apologies for any typos, etc. These if found, are unintentional.]

News Announcer: And now we have the story of a BP insider, who says all the complaint calls the company receives, never gets any farther than the Operators on the other end of the line.

Reporter Tiffany Craig: We’ll call her ‘Janice’, and she’s one of a hundred Operators at BP’s Call Center.

Janice, BP Operator:  We take all your information, and then we have Nothing to give them. Nothing — to give them.

Reporter: Janice says, Calls about the Oil Disaster are non-stop. But Operators are just ‘warm-bodies’, on the other end of the phone.

Janice:  We’re a ‘Diversion’, to stop them from really getting to the Corporate Office — to the ‘big people’.

Reporter: The Calls come in from around the world. But it’s the desperation of those from the Gulf Coast, that effects her the most.

Janice: I don’t want to get emotional, OK? But it’s so frustrating when these people live right there — and nothing’s been done to help them.

Reporter: For weeks on end, 12 hours a day, there’s a ‘little secret’ that Janice says, she witnessed first hand.

Janice:  It’s just eating at me …

Reporter: Because the Operators say the calls never get past them — some don’t even bother taking notes.

Janice:  … and they just put down — type: “Blah, Blah, Blah”.  No Information, OK? — just “Blah, Blah, Blah”.

Reporter: And even though Janice says she jots down info from every call, she feels like it’s doing no good.

Janice: I just feel so bad. But there’s Nothing I can do.

Reporter Tiffany Craig: BP Officials tell us, they’d received more than 200,000 Phone Messages, from the Center here in Houston — but can’t say just what Percentage of Calls, they’ve returned.

They even did a computer search on the word “Blah” — and only one instance came up, claiming that was an Operator’s ‘polite way’ of logging a drunk, belligerent caller.  Tiffany Craig, Eleven News.

200,000 Phone Messages

but can’t say just what Percentage of Calls, they’ve returned ???

It must be that “New Math” again — you know the kind that makes you look “foolish”, when you can’t tell which is the X and which is the Y.

Here a Hint BP:  

X is the “unknown” number of Callers, “who need your help”.

Y is the “amount of effort”, you’ve taken to “get back to them”.

Here another Hint BP:

200 THOUSAND people, Times 0,

is STILL Zero.

200,000 x 0 = 0


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    in Corporate America, I guess.

  1. Besides everybody in the gulf being stressed out, BP is using people to lie, causing them to be stressed out also, apart from that “drunk guy” obviously.

    Is anybody going to go after that whistleblower for prosecution.

    Thank you for putting this up.

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