Two songs from my youth

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Scion of the 70’s, child of the 60’s ….

becomes …

women’s rights

becomes the inspiration for …

As a gay man, may I say .. I grew up with women’s rights.  Women are strong .. they are an inspiration.


  1. Do you want to change it?

  2. and some great food for thought.

    And if I were to add another song to this list, it would have to be the 1968 crossover hit written by Tom T. Hall and performed by Jeannie C. Riley, entitled, “Harper Valley PTA.”  

    In addition to the impact of the song’s message, there is also the compelling story of the performer and the song’s success.

    Ms. Riley became the first woman ever to top BOTH the U. S. pop and country singles charts with the same song, which ultimately sold more than six million copies.  The next female singer to top both charts would be Dolly Parton in 1981, for her performance of “9 to 5.” This recording also earned Riley a Grammy Award for the Best Country Vocal Performance by a female.  

    Fast forwarding to the present, it has been noted that Ms. Riley no longer sings this song, having been forced to renounce it forever, in keeping with her Born Again beliefs.  

    In case you’re wondering, the heroine in the following video from the 1978 movie by the same name is Barbara Eden, who also starred in the television series, “I Dream of Jeannie.” One of the members of the PTA is Paul Paulsen, perennial candidate for President from the Smothers Brothers Show.

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