The Plan: It is Working

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I read the news today oh boy…..

I am filled with a sense of sickness in the pit of my stomach, in my soul.

Greece to Sell State Assets to Raise 3 Billion Euros (Update1)

By Christos Ziotis and Natalie Weeks

June 2 (Bloomberg) — Greece plans to sell stakes in railway and water companies and the postal service to raise 3 billion euros ($3.7 billion) and help reduce a budget deficit that sparked the debt crisis across southern Europe.

“We decided to accelerate the privatizations process,” Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou told reporters in Athens today. The government aims to raise 1 billion euros a year for the next three year from the sales.

Bloomberg – Greece

You should understand that this is “The Plan”

The plan was that by cutting the funding for government, government would have to cut back on what it does: regulating business, protecting regular people against powerful interests, building infrastructure, educating kids, taking care of the poor and elderly. With government (We, the People) out of the way businesses could be unleashed and really start to make money. And for those who could afford to pay, private companies would take over those other functions. That was called “privatization.”

Neo-Liberalism: The Plan

You should understand that this was “The Plan” all along. And now that they have executed part one of the plan and blown the deficits and debt in every country across the globe to enormous proportions they are now implementing part two.

Now we’re experiencing part two of The Plan: use the debt as a reason to cut the things government does for We, the People. The deficit cutters insist that the government should cease investment in infrastructure, educating kids, taking care of the poor and elderly and protecting regular people against powerful interests.

Neo-Liberalism: The Plan

The Greek government fell into the trap and is now implementing Austerity.

In exchange for the rescue funds last month, the Greek government is cutting wages and pensions for public workers and raising sales, fuel and alcohol taxes.

Bloomberg – Greece

“The Plan” is to implement regressive taxes on the middle and lower classes and destroy what is left of the infrastructure to pay for the debt binge that has helped the oligarchs in power grind and pulverize the underclass into bits.

The Greeks themselves know the truth. They are being robbed, being crushed under the boot heel of a policy seeking to privatize losses and debt.

The capitalist class has managed society, and its management has failed. And not only has it failed in its management, but it has failed deplorably, ignobly, horribly. The capitalist class had an opportunity such as was vouchsafed no previous ruling class in the history of the world. It broke away from the rule of the old feudal aristocracy and made modern society. It mastered matter, organized the machinery of life, and made possible a wonderful era for mankind, wherein no creature should cry aloud because it had not enough to eat, and wherein for every child there would be opportunity for education, for intellectual and spiritual uplift. Matter being mastered, and the machinery of life organized, all this was possible. Here was the chance, God-given, and the capitalist class failed. It was blind and greedy. It prattled sweet ideals and dear moralities, rubbed its eyes not once, nor ceased one whit in its greediness, and smashed down in a failure as tremendous only as was the opportunity it had ignored.

Jack London – Revolution

So here we stand today. We stood here in 1905 when Jack London penned the above words. We are going to have to decide what we will stand for in this moment. America, one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, has one of the smallest social safety nets in the entire industrialized world and now they are coming to take whatever is left from the New Deal.

Watch what they are doing around the globe. They are bringing “Austerity” to all. As if it were your friend, an old acquaintance to pal around with. It is not. It is about protecting the rights of those in power.

I do not work for this man, I do not slave for this man and his army of thugs

Privatization. Deregulation. Now we see what we get when these thugs destroy the protections against the working and middle class. We get this:

The terrible Gulf oil, West Virginia mining, Wall Street finance and government debt disasters all demonstrate the ongoing catastrophic and continuing results of conservative policies. Each of these is a direct consequence of letting corporate conservatives take over government and dismantle the regulatory and democratic protections that We, the People fought so hard for following the Great Depression — itself a previous demonstration of the failure of conservative policies.

Neo-Liberalism – Deregulation

Where will we stand when the time comes. They are coming. It is part of Neo-Liberalism: The Plan


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  1. Yea, the several federal men

    Who pulled schemes on the dream

    And put it to an end

  2. like a massive pile on.


    great essay, thank you.

    • Edger on June 2, 2010 at 18:16

    without going anywhere…

  3. from France and Germany.

    Same thing in Portugal: 7 billion in privatization IIRC.

  4. openly crafting policy that strengthens their control of national (and worldwide) economic outcomes, while the separate states are now forced to engage in the great struggle of the survival of the fittest.

    If there ever was a constitutional coup d’etat, this is it.

    When the natural resources of our planet are privatized by the force of law, the dependency of the people is total.

    There is still time, but when survival depends on the doors of the supermarket opening, the gas stations pumping and the belief that money is the sine qua non of security, there may well be a huge evolutionary bottleneck staring us right in the face, soon!


  5. of neo-liberalism lead to the rise of a more deadly neo-conservatism or is “The Illuminati” just playing both sides of the coin until the resource wars start in earnest.

  6. I am filled with a sense of sickness in the pit of my stomach, in my soul.

    • k9disc on June 4, 2010 at 09:47

    Scary stuff.

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