Selective Outrage


It’s easy to be outraged at Israel’s outlandish, criminal and immoral behavior. Israel murdered a bunch of peace activists on the high seas with total disregard for international and maritime law. Israel runs the biggest prison camp in the world. Israel is an apartheid state. The current government of Israel is a global pariah.

What’s not to be outraged about?

But what I want to know is where is the outrage against the United States of America who makes Israel look like Utopia?


The United States wages immoral, illegal and irresponsible war daily. Kills more innocent people daily than Netanyahoo could ever wet-dream about. American arrogance daily makes Israeli arrogance look like the humility of Mr. Rogers. The United States murders by video-game remote control. The United States uses the WMD of depleted uranium to maim, deform and destroy humans and the bio-sphere. The United States uses assassination and terror against its perceived enemies who are mostly freedom fighters, women and children. The United States continues the Bush doctrine of all war, all the time, everywhere. The United States has hundreds and hundreds of military bases in more than a hundred and thirty countries to protect the profits of Bankers, Big Oil, Merchants of Militarism and Pirates of Disaster Capitalism.

Where is the outrage?

The United States wages genocide against people of color all over the world who slave in sweat shops of Western Consumerism and sells weapons to client despots to keep the slaves in check when they are tired of their servitude. The United States destroys the hopes and dreams of billions of people around the world daily in the name of ‘national interest.’ It is the United States who daily directly and indirectly oppresses the aspirations of people to pursue their Happiness through Life and Liberty.  It is the United States who leads by example at home with the largest gap between rich an poor in the world right here in the good ol’ US of A.

It is the United States government which is corrupted beyond repair and is nothing more than a bribe factory where the sausage of legislation is poisoned with corporatist graft and fat-cat greed. It is the United States government who sells out ‘the people’ to the indentured servitude of private banking cartels and cuts social services, education, health care and infrastructure in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility.’

Where is the outrage?

So, sure, to me Israel is a piece of crap nation-state.

But the crap of the abomination to our founding ideals called the United States makes Israel smell like rose-water.

Let’s take the beam out of our own eye of American arrogance before we preach the morals of Truth, Justice and the American Way to the rest of the world which we have spent a century raping and pillaging.

Where is the outrage against the greatest purveyor of terror and tyranny in the world?



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  1. military industrial complex — a global industry of instruments of death that feeds on war.  The U.S. is part of it.  Israel is part of it.  There are many countries involved and it’s not just America, though, America may be at the center because it’s the biggest corporate colony and shill, presently, in the whole world.

    There is a global industry of death and subjugation and it has its foot in many countries.  The U.S. defends Israel not out of “friendship” but because Israel is one of the wholeheartedly supportive members of this club.  And the global military death machine at which America is the center defends its own.

    I have no problem with acknowledging America’s problems, but seeing this through a strictly nationalist or antinationalist lens just isn’t going to be helpful, I fear, in the years ahead.  These people operate globally.  The only way to truly confront them is globally.

  2. Most blog activists have spent years being OUTRAGED and trying to stop the US from being the fucking monster that it is.

    And globally, they are all OUTRAGED at us.

    So, who is this addressed to?

    The only ones giving the US a pass, give Israel one too.

    Seriously? We usually don’t gun down PEACE ACTIVISTS in cold blood… not that that gives us any high ground… but for fucks sakes what would you have us do?

  3. Oh, it’s a link to free stuff from the government in Spanish for crimaliens.  It is what it is, our very own I/P on a much more up close and personal nature.

    Delete that fucking sucker.

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