sanctions on iran? somebody tell me he’s kidding . . .

iran? sorry. but i’m not impressed. iran. am i supposed to take this seriously? sanctions on iran is kinda like sending Martha Stewart to jail.

BP et al. now sanctions on those mother fuckers… i could see that.

sanctions on the boys and girls in banks and on wall street who engineered crashing of economies around the globe? now that would be sane.

and what can one say about this… Human Experimentation at the Heart of Bush Administration’s Torture Program… am i supposed to not “look back” at this? i should worry about sanctions on iran while my country continues to fuck up the rest of the planet?

here’s what has come into my thoughts these last months. we need to stop worrying about the future. i know that sounds strange. but the future hasn’t happened. in fact, it never happens does it? we never get there. we only ever get here. now. we are always in NOW. in fact, why worry about tomorrow? today is fucked up enough. let tomorrow go. concentrate on now.

oh, yeah. and that change thing? i’m done with CHANGE. no.more.change. fuck change. i’ve had enough CHANGE. any more change and there’s nothing left of the gulf coast. my country has changed into fashionably fascist with  tons more regulation of private citizens. yet …  somehow …  those causing the problems, like gun and drug dealers and bankers, continue to make tons of money. but drug dealers never get called “terrorists.” i wonder why that is.

i don’t want to hear any more predictions about the future. really. i want my life right now. i don’t care about 10 years from now. i work it now. make it better now. live it now. fuck the power brokers. their petroleum, plastic, and toxic obsession with wealth and power. fuck them. i want to live outside of their constructs.

in large part, i’ve stopped thinking about them. i shop small. got rid of my credit card. live in a house, mortgage free. the only bad thing i do is fly home twice a year. oh, and one other really terrible thing. the snails and slugs were eating my flowers and i put down poison. i did that. and when i saw what i did, i couldn’t believe it. i’m not over it yet.

it’s still there in me. that sense that i can just erase what ever gets in my way. i can simply clap my hands and dispose of inconvenient things.

i’m like them in that way. a little bit like them. still there. but every day i try to move farther and farther away from it. not fighting them. not being like them. not obsessing.

no. it’s not the oil spill. it’s still NOT health care or any of the myriad things listed where urgent action is urged.

it’s us. it’s simply up to us. has been. is now. will be. i’ve stopped expecting the bad guys to be better. it’s me who has stop poisoning the snails and the slugs.


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    • pfiore8 on June 9, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    of snails and slugs . . .

    • Edger on June 9, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Snails and slugs love to eat Marigolds. Plant Marigolds.

    Now I’m also trying to fund out what politicians like to eat. 😉

  1. by the US/Israel as reported in the Bilderber 2010 news in Sitges Spain.

    • sharon on June 9, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    iran sending an aid flotilla to gaza?  fucking hell, this is a mess that israel has created for itself and the world.  madness. sheer madness.

    • RiaD on June 9, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    it is all we really have….

    good to see you

  2. everything has it’s purpose.  

    When I was a little kid, I used to get down on the ground when I saw a slug or a snail and watch their habits, they were fascinating to me.  In fact, I’ve even compared myself to a snail at times in my life, i.e., if you bang on my antennas too long and too hard, I just bring them into my shell . . . . . !

    This BP criminally negligent disaster has probably done more than we can even dream of in terms of the delicate ecological balance — it’s frightening to think of.

    There was, on the other hand, much that we weren’t told and thus, didn’t know.  For example, all the chemicals we’ve used for cleaning, the lawns, this, that and you name it.  Everything has been taking its toll on mother nature!  I’ve stopped using almost all forms of chemicals, seriously.  You can make your own cleaning solutions out of distilled vinegar and laundry-type baking soda — works really well, non-damaging to anything and keeps the fumes out of your lungs.  I could go on!

    You’re fortunate in that you live in a more advanced country.  Just think, the Netherlands has had windmills for so, so long already, just one example. We’ve advanced here, too, with the country and “life” being owned and operated by GREED!

    (Good to see you!)

  3. put a can in the dirt so its rim is level with the soil, like a swimming pool. Fill it with beer. At night the slugs who love beer come and I guess jump in and drown in it. In the morning empty the slugs out and refill. I figure they die happy. There is also copper, you can buy it a nurseries or hardware stores. Surround the bed or plants with wire or strips of it and the slugs will not cross it. Or go out at night with a flashlight, scissors and cut them up. The carnage of the last method was too much so I gave it up in favor of the beer and copper. I live in OR and it is slug heaven here, wet. I used to have big banana slugs coming up my bathtub drain pipe when I was lived in a cabin located in a cranberry bog at the coast.

    As for Iran, it figures. There is such a disconnect from what is going on and the news or politics that it boarders on the surreal. I just finished reading an article in the NYT, about the party and Obama it was insane. Not once was policy or what were living through mentioned just empty way off point politics. People need to all withdraw as much as possible but they are in denial. You can’t meme this carnage away, or cut deals with madmen. The worse it gets the more the so called leaders just keep ‘moving forward’. Shamelessly calling this rational and reform. They read the tea leaves of public opinion, as though we were all idiots who are ‘moderates’ and will accept this shit. Maybe we are who knows. Apparently change meant changing the minds of the people who wanted to stop this shit.

    Nice to hear from you. I was just thinking about you and missing your voice and writing. I’m glad your in Amsterdam, it’s got to be saner then here. i’m lucky also as where I live it’s possible to not drive and people are not quite as crazy or vicious.  100 blocks down the road you hit poverty and big box culture strip malls, freeways mixed with enclaves of McMansions called Happy Valley, intermingling in a toxic stew of ugly.    


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