Question, why do Democrats seem to think

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that expressing support for things is the exact same thing as doing them?

I’m frustrated.  Every day, somewhere in the blogosphere, there is something that talks about the plight of the LGBT community.  Or support for energy independence, for holding BP accountable.  And, dutifully, people will be mournful and sad at how poorly people are treated.

Now, how bout those Knicks?

At the same time, there is no frustration and no little apologia for people in power who have utterly no intention of doing anything about these things.

So I ask .. is it cultural?  What is it about the Democratic Party mindset that makes it think that sentiment is as good as actually doing something?  President Obama is famous for this.

All the while, the far right shrieks and Democrats profess bemusement at why they are “so angry”.  Uh, they’re not angry — they’re CALCULATING.  They’ve discovered that if they go nuts and hold a grenade and threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue, the Democrats and Obama will try to find some middle ground between what is sane and the far right’s crazy game.  

Now the homophobes want to put us in prison and have us executed.  The rank and file Democrats say the homophobes are crazy.

What the Democrats in power are about is splitting both ends against the middle and the far right KNOWS THIS.  Why is the far right not to think that, in a similar manner to energy policy, Obama will not just seek “ideas” from the far out freaks who want to kill us?

Maybe a good middle position is that we should just be forced to apologize in public for being gay .. that’s somewhere between prison and execution and full legal rights, right?  Maybe gay men and women in the military should simply apologize for the temerity of daring to try to serve their country while gay.

After all, this is a middle ground between killing us and letting dogs gnaw on our corpses, and treating us as equal human beings.  Why not?  When you split all ends, no matter how calculatingly nutso, against the artificial middle, there is no reason for the ends not to get even more nutso.

And maybe a middle ground between destroying the Gulf and apologizing to BP, and energy independence, would just be converting everything over to methane, eh, and giving those very same companies the pass and the profits?

It works so well for them.  I truly wish, though, people wouldn’t bitch and scream and cry about that which they have enabled for decades and continue to enable.


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  1. to express support for MY ASS.

    It is a fine ass, a nice and decent ass, and it in no way deserves the way it is treated, at times.  My ass hurts, it deserves all of our sympathy.

    Please, while continuing to kick my ass, be mournful while you do it, ok?

    • Edger on June 22, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I hear martial arts are good exercise, as well as being good for other uses… 😉

  2. ….. you keep this up.

    This week if you already work in DC, you can visit a sick one in the hospital.  Is this party nothing if not benevolent ?  Why, it’s just like if you were a ….  a….  AA or an Asian or something!  See ?

    Now send them a check an be a good Democrat.

    I suspected he’d be bad on some things, but the current level of duplicity on basic civil rights based on religious teachings is astonishing.   Yes, we can watch that church try to knock off people they don’t like.  Gaaaaaaah.  

  3. pay attention to anything but sentiment.  Obama’s entire campaign strategy was designed to attract naive voters.

  4. …..Wall St chiselers are all integral parts of the mosaic that is America. Gays have not yet reached that status.

    Obama and allies are simply codifying the hate, under the guise of being “pragmatic”.

  5. for chelsea clinton and rose kennedy schlossberg, getting a degree in painting your parachuse, your rainbow and your toenails will still equal a high paying job which is interesting.

    For the rest of us … you’d better get an engineering or math or biology degree, cuz you’ve got a better shot at being a barista with that MBA or english degree than anything else.

    After the WWII boom for the British-American empire, especially the American part of the empire, there were plenty of jobs – and a college degree was used to weed out the applicant pool for millions of jobs which do NOT require any kind of skill a decently educated high schooler can’t do.

    there is a real entitlement mentality among the “college educated” – as if they all deserve the job that Chelsea or Jackie’s granddaughter will get —

    the fast track to being George Kennan or Averil Harriman or Teddy White.

    Oh yeah – and how is our history written? Is our history written so that the people who invented the light bulb technology and carboard packaging and modular transportation celebrated, OR, is history written by the elite celebrating their meetings, memos and machinations, cuz we all know that without the parasites at the top…?

    ummm… where is the chicken and where is the egg here?



  6. they just react to the fake out of the bad cop good cop routine that the actors who are pols offer us as political reality. They parrot the same evil the Republicans do and all of it is aimed at kicking the ass of anything that makes this world and the creatures that live on it wonderful. Their nightmare scenerio is the same one as the Republican’s pump. At this point I see absolutely no difference. If Palin wins, it might bring this whole nightmare down faster and put an end to the insane belief that Democrats are any different. Any society that thinks killing and torture is good for the recipients and is nation building’ and that if we stop bad guys will come back and thew women will be mistreated by their lunatic vs ours is so immoral and fucked up that it deserves to be wiped out. Big nasty earth destroyers roam our streets while a volcano of deadly oil gushes away. There is no difference other then style and even that is ugly not cool when your creating hell on earth, and there are no ‘entitlements’ allowed not even the air the water or help when your sick. We all must pay their price or else?          

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