Open Iggy Pop Invite (not I/P essay)

While many subjects have been wonderfully covered through the years on DD; and shall continue to so do, there be subjects that I shall not name, that are only allowed here as filtered privately by the admins.

To take this potentially messy subject off their hands, I invite anyone who would like to post on that unnamed subject, to come to and post freely.

The Wild Wild Left

This is offered to support the rules here, and offer an alternative venue.

Iggy Pop discussions, be it about the (ahem) band, or any of its policies can be taken next door, ande posted at WWL.

There are no schedules there, every essay is considered a gift, not a duty, and being small, I trust that those of you who I make FPers will kindly take turns.

I am not taking comments on this thread, for it is NOT an attempt to further debate a policy here set in stone. (oops, see disclaimer below)

It is only an open invite, an alternative avenue. I will continue to read your OTHER content here (but you can still cross to us if you choose) but now I can read your opinions and reporting on the other subjects at home.

I probably won’t be around here much, so you all know where to find me. (and Gottlieb)

See you around the tubes.


Diane G

(this format doesn;t have a no-comment button, but I IMPLORE YOU, do not use it to rehash the already hashed, or this essay will end up deleted or something, and me banned! To any admin, plz turn comments off for me????)


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  1. Maybe you can find someone over there to call brownshirts and nazis instead of us.

    I deeply and sarcastically apologize for not fostering an atmosphere of hate and acrimony that leads to that sort of ridiculous shit and you are more than welcome to it.

    Let me know when you get the whole I/P thing solved on yer blog, would you please?

    • TMC on June 4, 2010 at 01:58

    There are currently two essays that have remained on the right, one is on the recommended list.

    I have commented pretty exensively in this one by jimstaro

    Ship Attacked: “To Large To Stop By Non-Violent Means!”

    The second by Pen is more about reaction from US politicos

    Anthony Weiner needs a Reality Pill

    There was a third that by jeffroby on the Front Page that has since scrolled down but can still be accessed in archives

    Eyeless in Gaza (they want to keep us that way)

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