Obama Makes Angry Faces About the Oil-Spill


Ever since Barack Obama found some oil on a beach…


He has been trying to look angry, but he just looks weird!

So it would probably be better if he stuck with his usual expressions…


“I would like to thank the Academy for this award as Cutest President Ever!”

…and left making angry faces to really angry people like Britney Spears.



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  1. more then just angry, they want him to show some freakin passion. He’s just not getting emotional enough for them to ignore his traitorous policy and complicity in this chapter of change we can not believe in . Well we can believe it because it’s changing but the crowd demands that he channel his faux outrage, empathy, sorrow and in a show that makes it believable that he is fighting for the good guys and channeling his FDR. As it stands now he is unbelievable not the change he is moving forward on.      

  2. Bilderberg 2010 Sitges Spain says so.

  3. …..maybe he’ll get re-elected, but he is essentially ineffectual.

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