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    • RiaD on June 22, 2010 at 3:51 pm
  1. Progress Report:  The Pentagon on Thursday said US-led forces are making headway against the Taliban, despite what it called an overly gloomy portrayal of the war shaped by media coverage, pointing out that after only 9 years of combat not only does the US control nearly 12% of the countryside, less than 78% of the Afghan populations wishes the US would quit an go home.

    I was just looking at the wiki page on the military budget and some **** had added a quote by that PNAC toad Robert Kagan in there, under why it would be bad to decrease the military budget at this time.   Followed by one by SDef Robert The Republican Gates.  Not that the military pays his brother and sister in law to go around writing policy papers on this perpetual surge that they peddle to the media, or anything.

  2. Once More:  “As bad as it sounds, ultimately we do have to sometimes accept a wage that’s less than we had at our previous job in order to get back to work and allow the economy to get started again… I think the issue is bigger than unemployment benefits. It’s all about priorities, what is the priority.”  Mr. Paul’s priority is obviously not the unemployed worker.

    Quoting Rand Paul:  “Whoever owns the property can do with the property as they wish, and if the coal company buys it from a private property owner and they want to do it [mountain top removal], fine. … I think a lot of the land apparently is quite desirable once it’s been flattened out. “… you’ve got quite a few hills. I don’t think anybody’s going to be missing a hill or two here and there.”

  3. part.  Radiation sale?

  4. Not in the lest funny, but I laughed until I cried anyway:

    Away from the Center Ring:  While the paying customers are busy watching the BP circus act in the Gulf, Cairn Energy is getting ready to start drilling a deepwater exploratory well in ‘Iceberg Alley’ off Greenland.  What could possibly go wrong?

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