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Get Connected! Wirelessly!!


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    • Edger on June 10, 2010 at 5:07 pm

  1. I need this for debugging.  Preferably thought driven.  That would be nice.

    Of course, then I would be dangerous.

  2. I’m really concerned about my apartment becoming host to a cat-based xenomorph. A tiny cat-based xenomorph could be a real headache. You have to turn all your bic lighters into tiny flamethrowers and the SQUEEEEE sound the xenomorph makes when you set them on fire whilst they run around spreading fire to your furniture and drapes and carpet is most disconcerting. Not to mention the cat host .. that can be ugly.

  3. stop making fun of me!!!!! lol.

  4. And Buck Rodgers jet packs were all the American rage back then.  NASA was king in the race to the moon.

    But if I want brain cancer I can always defeat the interlock on the microwave oven, stick my head inside and hit reheat.  How many barracks living Indonesians does it take to make a non-union, non-EPA, carbon emission exempt cellphone anyway.  Should my lawyer/financial planner/tax accoutant/therapist go over my cell phone plan.

    Do I need 900 channels of mind numbing dumbed down VanDerSlut or Kardashian brats “news”.  Do I really need a GoPoundSand positioning device to tell my corporate masters I am NOT working during my lunch hour.  Do I have to pee in the cup because society sucks.  Why can corporate frisk my wife.  Why am I immune to sheeple shit news and why is Winblows 7 such an electronic anal probe.

    Should I “ask my doctor for” the Fuckitol pill or take up New Age meditation techniques and practice my remote viewing skills.

    What did happen to the “freed up bandwidth” of digital TeeVee and that promise of broadband internet for all.  What was the Downing Street minutes, the Puppy Chucking Marine, the helicopter video and the resulting demise of whistleblower wikileaks.

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