Election Results: Arkansas is Hopeless, Nevada Boots its Gov, eMeg wins her bid

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I’m listening to the Primary election results on television and watching on the internet.  Here are the current leads or projected winners for some of the races nationwide.   The polls closed in CA an hour ago.   HuffPo also has a header banner up with this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

First, the biggest suck disappointment of the evening-  Democrat Senate Plantation Blanche over Bill Halter in Arkansas ,   52 to 48%.  

Blanche Lincoln (D, “there isn’t going to be a public option” Walmart, Koch Oil, Arkansas)

Bill Halter

There’s been a lawsuit filed over the closing of polling places, but Halter has conceded.


CA- Republican Governor

Meg (eMeg) Whitman  62.9%   eBay exec who spent millions of her own money to get this

over Steve Poizner the current Insurance Commissioner   26.7 %  


CA-  Republican Senate

Carly Fiorina  54.5%

Tom Campbell lost,  25.9 %

Chuck Devore lost  16.7%  (heavily endorsed by Tea Party extremist McClintock-  hah !)


CA-  Republican Sec of State –  fmr Sportsjock over Birther Queen Root Canal Orly Taitz.  darn.


Nevada, Senate, Republican

Tea Party (hybrid neocon libertarian)- Sharon Angle  37.5%

Chicken Barter Lady-  Sue Lowden  29.2%

the Other Guy, Danny Tarkanian, 22%


Nevada Senate, Democrat

Harry Reid somehow pulled this out , will face Tea Partier Sharon Angle in November.  


Nevada Governor, DINO Democrat

Rory Reid, son of ML Harry Reid, for the governor’s race this fall, will face Sandoval


Nevada Governor, Republican

the current scandal plagued governor is Outta There

Brian Sandoval the winner  55.6%  over

Jim Gibbons  25.9%     so inept even Nevada booted his cheatin’ butt out


South Carolina Republican governor

Nikki Haley 48.9%

Gresham Barrett   21.8 %


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  1. ….. but hard to believe that with oil spilling all over the Gulf,  Arkansas would still send Plantation Blanche and all her oil money back to the Senate.

    Oh, wait.  Ozarks.   People move out as soon as they attain adulthood.  

  2. This place is fucked in the head, once wild at heart, and now just weird on top.

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