Day 47

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Day 47

Once again, my hair’s on fire.

These are the salient facts. The BP oil leak continues unabated.  Oil has transformed the Gulf Coast into the largest man made ecological disaster in history.  It may be impossible to stop the leak.  Even if it’s possible to stop the leak, it may take months and luck to do so.  Neither the Government nor BP apparently has the resources to stop the leak quickly.  Flying over the leak and visiting the Gulf Coast and making repeated speeches about the leak and trying not to look completely helpless or to cry on camera is apparently all that Government can do for us.  There has not been an all out, dramatic, gigantic mobilization of human and other resources to capture oil or to contain it.  Oil has arrived and more is expected on beaches in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  There’s no end in sight.

My hair’s on fire.  I’m not really able to be with the situation.  The Gulf has turned into an oil gumbo with dead animal croutons, and my emotions are a boiling, raging, oil stew.  There is no real relief, no real change in sight.  There is no comfort.  Even thinking about impermanence, which can be an ally at times like this, doesn’t help.  Because there’s my ever present dread that while the current situation cannot continue forever, it just might become much, much worse.  What would that look like?  It would be the death of an ecosystem.

At the moment there seem to be only two real possibilities.  These are not disjunctive.  Choice one: pick up my shovels and drive to the coast.  Do whatever I can to be of help there.  Choice two: ceremony and prayer.  Beg Santa Madre Tierra, Pachamama, Mother Earth for forgiveness and healing.  I don’t have anything else.


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  1. Thanks for reading.

    • Edger on June 5, 2010 at 19:11

    are enough to turn my stomach….

  2. If the purpose of living isn’t to participate in and protect the natural cycles that sustain life (and to enhance them if need be to provide for the vagaries of mother nature herself), but to submit instead to the materialism of self worship in the face of the inevitable, seems to me an unfathomable denial of the biological survival instinct.IMHO, we are entering a spiritual wasteland that can only be the prelude to the physical one.


  3. Raging Grannies

  4. So unbelievably appalling — so long and so little done!  If the ocean life is dead, then . . . . . . !

    Sometimes, I almost feel like I’m inhaling the fumes, feeling sticky with goo, accidentally ingesting the oil and I’m NOT THERE!

    I think Obama’s mistake was to defer to BP in the first place — yes, we know “political.”  What he could have done was declare this “failure” as a “catastrophic ecological/environment disaster” and allowed all the help from experts and others from the get-go — calling it what it is, AN EMERGENCY, thus, bypassing BP!

    I’m posting here a link with hundreds of photographs — the ones of the pelicans and other birds just sink into your heart and stomach.  But, in addition, you will note people on the beach sunbathing, while workers on the shores cleaning up, even you will note a 4-year old playing the water and sand.  Then you will see others actually going into the waters.  WTF?  People have gone to the hospital from the fumes and the sands and waters are contaminated, so are people, children, etc. being “paid” on the beaches, etc. to make it all appear as not so bad afterall?

    Gulf Oil Spill  

  5. orange.

  6. engineered financial crash

    The Downing Street minutes

    The Puppy chucking Marine

    The Iraq helicopter videos

    The Gitmo pictures

    The Peace Prize for escalating two wars of nothing

    A false flag pig/unicorn flu pandemic for profit

    The destroyment of health care bill

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