Coming to a theater near you: “Foreclosure.”

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This is a pretty creepy idea for a movie.

Says the blog:

Here’s a quick synopsis of “Foreclosure” via its official Web site:

Foreclosure is the story of a broken family striving to stay together while a curse and the ghosts of a haunted house try to tear them apart.

Ledes reveals in an interview with that the nationwide foreclosure crisis served as inspiration for the theme, saying:

Isolation is intrinsic to the sense of horror in the film. The isolation felt by the characters in our story is created through the effect of foreclosures on the neighborhood in which they live.”

Trapped in a home you can no longer afford with paranormal spirits who won’t leave. If there was ever a strong case for a homeowner “walking away” from a home, this might be it.

Doesn’t that hit a little “too close home?”  

Well, if the country is in the mood for some shocking reality mixed in with their escapist horror fantasies, here’s another idea: MENGELE’S MIND CHILDREN!



An innocent shepherd is rounded up in a raid by local bounty hunters seeking small fortunes to buy mortars to shell American soldiers with and falls into the hands of a secret CIA intelligence group field-testing a variety of intentionally harmful acts.   At a CIA “black site” completely outside of the legal universe, he endures a harrowing experimental design of combinations of sleep deprivation, sodomy, insult slaps, “walling,” crucifixion, being smeared in urine, feces, and menstrual blood, as well as being exposed to extreme temperatures and “sonic stuns,” while everything the man holds sacred is desecrated.  The entire time the team has been recording his brain responses through electrodes implanted through stereotactic surgery.  The medical team then “plays back” the experiences as trains of action potentials so the man can remotely re-live the combinations of torture without anyone laying a hand on him.  The episodic memories are then down-loaded randomly to some American child’s Playstation, which activates them whenever the child operates the manipulandum.


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