BP Tony Hayward Admits 80,000 barrels/day Oil is Leaking to Be Captured. That’s 3Mil Day !

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Thurs June 17th-  Congressional Mop and Sponge Show with BP Tony Hayward

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Anyone notice this admission early on, after the beginning with the protestor standing up, her face smeared with black ink, and yelling at him  ?


Later identified as Diane Wilson, the co-founder of the activist group Code Pink , she shouted “I think you need to be charged with a crime, you need to go to jail.”

Hayward, who restarted his statement after Wilson was carted away by police, apologized to those hurt by the spill but added that it was “simply too early to say what caused the incident.”  

“There is still extensive work to do. A full answer must await the outcome of multiple investigations” by both BP and the government, he said.

Hayward said that, in the meantime, BP is concentrating on cleanup efforts and on stopping the flow of oil by drilling two relief wells. The company, he said, also has deployed equipment that has allowed BP to collect 20,000 barrels of oil per day. BP expects to increase its collection to between 60,000 to 80,000 barrels a day by mid-July, he said.

80,000 barrels a day  

 That is   3,360,000  or 3.36 million gallons a day leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from the wreck of the Deepwater Horizon’s blown out well.  

BP’s Macondo Deepwater Horizon blowout is leaking an equivalent of an entire Exxon Valdez spill into the Gulf of Mexico every three days.

We’re now on day 58.   As many as 19 Exxon Valdez’s could have been leaked into the Gulf of Mexico already.  3 million gallons a day.  Of which they’re currently sopping up a quarter of, and proud of it.

There’s your new numbers.  Now run with it.

And don’t tell me this can be made all “right” after a few years.  


edit 12:20pm PDT

and look who in the Senate came up with an idea to give the President or Homeland Security the ability to engage a “kill switch” to shut down portions of the internet  http://www.zdnet.com.au/intern…

On Thursday, both senators lauded Lieberman’s Bill, which is formally titled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA. Rockefeller said “I commend” the drafters of the PCNAA. Collins went further, signing up at a co-sponsor and saying at a press conference that “we cannot afford to wait for a cyber 9/11 before our government realises the importance of protecting our cyber resources”.

Under PCNAA, the Federal Government’s power to force private companies to comply with emergency decrees would become unusually broad. Any company on a list created by Homeland Security that also “relies on” the internet, the telephone system or any other component of the US “information infrastructure” would be subject to command by a new National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC) that would be created inside Homeland Security.

Sen. Lieberman has also been tasked with getting the “Climate” bill moving in the Senate along with Sen Kerry, after Lindsey Graham did his usual fainting routine.  


Sen Reid –  read the tea leaves on this today- not committed to doing the climate bill before the break, nor committed to the carbon issue  http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wi…

From yesterday, President Obama using Tea Party Mass. Sen Scotty Brown to help kill cap and trade, notice how Lieberman said “transformational”  

“The whole thrust of that last part of that speech is this is the moment to do something transformational to prove that we can do something truly significant that people think we can’t do,” said Lieberman. “I don’t think that leads to just another kind of ordinary energy bill. I think it leads to something big.”


We’d better talk about this now while we still have the opportunity.  


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  1. …  from what I am seeing fr the daily satelite pictures, the wind so far has been blowing most of it back into the Louisiana Mississippi Delta area and to the west of it along the Louisiana coastline before it reaches Texas.  Some of it has gone farther south to the Yucatan Peninsula,  and out thru the Loop current past the Florida Keys and Cuba into the Atlantic.  

    Criminal is putting it likely.  It is criminal when your government engages in this sort of coverup of the amount and extent of the potential damage and still intends to resume this deepwater drilling after a few months.  

  2. …. 35,000 and 60,000 barrels a day.  And that was a revision of the 20,000 to 40,000 barrels they were presenting as an estimate last week.


    I just googled and I don’t think anybody else noticed yet, very odd.  I checked the gov sources and nuttin’  – methinks they are letting BP Tony do the reality adjustment today.

    I believe we are past the 1979 Ixtoc Gulf of Mexico spi now as the worst spill ever, as per that CSM article the last estimate before BP Tony’s testimony today put us there.  Ixtoc was 3 million BARRELS over a time period of 10 months or 126,000,000 gal  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I

    location map  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B

    there are not any large river estuaries near this compared to the unique Mississippi river delta/ marshes

    BP DWH 80,000 barrels at 42 gallons a barrel over 58 days minus the piddling 200,000 or so  barrels they’ve collected with the LMRP CAP #4 still gives a total possible amount of oil into the Gulf of Mexico at

    186,480,000 gal  so far as of today June 17

  3. BP is concentrating on cleanup efforts and on stopping the flow of oil by drilling two relief wells. The company, he said, also has deployed equipment that has allowed BP to collect 20,000 barrels of oil per day.  BP expects to increase its collection to between  60,000 to 80,000 barrels a day  by mid-July, he said.

    I highlight also because this part could be read that they will be collecting oil faster than it is gushing. That aside from the two relief wells – which may increase the gush – they are using other “deployed equipment”.

    I think this is an optimist estimate on BP’s part.  

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