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It appears that possibly Tony Hayward of BP has been keeping late nights surveying Colorado for drilling sites, or perhaps Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or maybe some Orange RecLister has moved to Colorado?

Western Slope woman blames vampire for car crash

FRUITA, Colo. – If a Western Slope woman is to be believed, vampires may be lurking in Colorado’s Grand Valley.

The woman claims she spotted a vampire in the middle of a dirt road near Fruita, Colo. Sunday night. She told Colorado State Troopers she was startled by the undead being, threw her SUV into reverse, and crashed into a canal.

She was not injured.

State Troopers say the woman’s husband arrived at the scene and took her home. The vampire, which was not seen by anyone else, apparently let her get away.

Troopers do not suspect drugs or alcohol to be factors in the crash.


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    • Edger on June 30, 2010 at 15:48

    How about a Silver Bullet Band?

  1. Nothing surprising here, the Grand Valley is a weird place, and I mean the people, not vampires.


    Jack Bauer’s been busy lately ……

    getting tossed out of strip clubs…. having agents buy Mexican cattle to resell for profit….  DUI’s…..  $700 bar tabs…..

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