Alvin Greene for the United States Senate! (Updated)


Alvin Greene said he won the Democratic U.S. Senate primary by crisscrossing South Carolina to stump, but he refused Thursday to name a single place he’d visited.

He said he put $2,000 of his own money in the race, but had only one campaign flier to show, and was reluctant to part with it.

The state’s highest-profile Democrat, U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, called for investigations into how Greene paid his $10,400 filing fee, his lack of federal election reporting and how he managed to capture almost 60 percent of Tuesday’s vote without campaigning.


At last the Democrats have nominated a candidate entirely untainted by their miserable record as corporate suck-ups and roll-over puppies for the neo-con agenda!


(And I’m not the only one cheering!)

If this 32 year-old man without a cell phone or computer, who has never held any political office, has no job and is “on the not-guilty side” of a felony charge, can become the Democratic nominee for Senate from South Carolina, then literally anyone can. That means me, or you, or that guy on the street corner who talks to cats.

Alvin Greene has broken down the last barrier, a barrier some refer to as “being somewhat qualified to hold office.” Now, with $114 in his campaign account, no job, unclear funding sources and “involuntary” discharges from the Army and Air Force, he is ready to take on the system.

This is the greatest political story of my generation! But it won’t have a happy ending without you, my friends!

So break open those piggy-banks and make a contribution to Alvin Greene’s campaign for the United States Senate from South Carolina

…just as soon as he has a campaign, or a website, or a campaign fund, or…



Update: After staring at this story for 24 hours without anything like an idea, it finally occurred to me that there’s always an alternative to paying a big-time filing fee if you want to run for public office, and since one of the questions that everybody in the MSM echo-chamber is asking is…

How did Greene come up with a $10,400 filing fee to run in the Democratic primary, it might be more worthwhile to ask…

Why bother?

Why pay $10K when there’s always an exception for indigent candidates? Otherwise an un-Constitutional qualification for office by wealth will have been surreptitiously imposed!

For example, in Bullock v. Carter the Supreme Court ruled that…

It seems appropriate that a primary system designed to give the voters some influence at the nominating stage should spread the cost among all of the voters in an attempt to distribute the influence without regard to wealth. Viewing the myriad governmental functions supported from general revenues, it is difficult to single out any of a higher order than the conduct of elections at all levels to bring

Page 405 U. S. 149

forth those persons desired by their fellow citizens to govern. Without making light of the State’s interest in husbanding its revenues, we fail to see such an element of necessity in the State’s present means of financing primaries as to justify the resulting incursion on the prerogatives of voters.


Since the State has failed to establish the requisite justification for this filing fee system, we hold that it results in a denial of equal protection of the laws. It must be emphasized that nothing herein is intended to cast doubt on the validity of reasonable candidate filing fees or licensing fees in other contexts. By requiring candidates to shoulder the costs of conducting primary elections through filing fees and by providing no reasonable alternative means of access to the ballot, the State of Texas has erected a system that utilizes the criterion of ability to pay as a condition to being on the ballot, thus excluding some candidates otherwise qualified and denying an undetermined number of voters the opportunity to vote for candidates of their choice These salient features of the Texas system are critical to our determination of constitutional invalidity.

And likewise at all times and in all places where a filing fee which many people could not afford to pay has been imposed.


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  1. (Greene) refused to discuss the criminal allegation against him, a charge that stems from his 2009 encounter with an 18-year-old Summerville woman inside a University of South Carolina dorm, according to court documents.

    Greene sat next to her in a common computer room, asked her if she liked football then allegedly showed her a graphic pornographic website, according to the documents and the woman. She left when he suggested the two go to her room.

    And that’s a felony in South Carolina!

    Fuck the world!

    Vote for Alvin Greene for the United States Senate from South Carolina!  

  2. Carolina are truly telling.

    They’re “investigating” who paid Greene’s filing fee, despite the fact that it doesn’t matter how he got it.  Even if it was paid straight out of RNC coffers and even if everything they claimed was true (Greene claims he saved the money for it), it’s still VALID.

    They just refuse to believe that Greene is a valid candidate, despite the fact that he just plain won the primary.  The elitist crying over spilt milk is truly hilarious.

  3. This cringe-worthy diary is probably the side-effect  of a sudden realization that all the news is just a joke! Alvin Greene! Oil-spill estimates that bounce around like kangaroos! Obama’s idiotic surge! Marines menaced by a crazy dog in Marjah! It’s all just a fucked-up joke, or a nightmare.

  4. Or maybe the voters in South Carolina thought Alvin was the great Al Green! And aren’t we all…

    “So tired of being alone?”

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