Afghanistan in 1955

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These photographs, along with about 20 others from an exposition about Afghanistan in the Fifties, were recently posted on, and the commenter jacqueline on firedoglake sent me a link. All of them are out of copyright.


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    • Edger on June 14, 2010 at 02:12

    and photos, Jacob. Thanks for the link. Most of the photos look like they could have been taken anywhere in the west…

  1. because an infinitesimally small number of control freaks decided Afghanistan was of strategic corporate resource value.

  2. I had no idea. US Foreign policy played a large part in bringing this country to it’s present state. It also occurred to me that domestic policy if it continues the way it is going will bring our society to a similar place.      

  3. Why are we/have we been in Afghanistan?  

    Maybe, this “latent” article explains it.

    U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan!

    Wow, like a real NEW discovery?  BS!  Please see a comment of mine in Aug., 2009, here.

    Afghanistan didn’t seem to be that terribly backward, did it — until Russian and others decided to . . . . .!  

    The reasons for forced “impoverishment” of this country should  be obvious — it’s what we do best — KICK a country when it’s down and then grab its “resources. I hate to even refer to myself as an “American” anymore — yes, it’s where I was born, but it doesn’t mean, therefore, that I have to support all of this depraved, disgusting, “machiavellian,” “Nazi” behavior by our country — NO, I DON’T PERIOD!

     Think, think, think!  

  4. I read the article, and saw all the photos and commentary.  Very interesting stuff!

    Someone please inform me if I am wrong, here: these photos are representative, to a degree, of life in Kabul, but one would not to expect to find such scenes in the vast Afghan countryside, where the people are quite poor and always have been.  Much of the countryside has always been very remote and inaccessible, and the government had little if any presence there.  

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