A cesspool of homophobia and transphobia

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The phrase in the title is how openly gay New York State Senator Tom Duane characterized the New York Senate after the senate Judiciary Committee rejected the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, or GENDA by a vote of 12-11.

Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz joined all the Republican members of the committee in voting against equal rights.  You may recall Diaz from his opposition last year to the marriage equality bill.

Can’t someone get rid of this guy?

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It is now yet again confirmed that the Senate is a cesspool of homophobia and transphobia.

Tom Duane

Once again, the fear of transwomen, apparently named Bubba and weighing in at 250 pounds (description from a press release by Republican candidate for Assembly David Kimmel, using women’s restrooms has been used to deny transfolk equal rights in housing, employment, credit, and public accommodations.

The bill passed the Assembly 100-43.

If this bill is enacted, how safe will our most vulnerable be? Will sexual predators be able to stalk victims by claiming they are allowed to enter the restroom because they are protected by law? Proponents of the bill say they are the ones being discriminated against, but what about the rights of the majority of New Yorkers who expect restrooms to accommodate their sex only?

–The Conservative Party

I have been told many times that transgender people just have to wait their turn…that we should pass protections for GLB people first and then come back for the gender-variant.

I offer this as evidence against that strategy.


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    • Robyn on June 9, 2010 at 19:42

  1. …. they’d bother to wash their hands after using one.

    That would mean that there would be clean running water in sufficient quantities coming out of a faucet,  and soap available.  In public areas, without charge.

    Oh, and a toilet that doesn’t look disgusting. With toilet paper available.

    Why don’t they start working on that aspect of it first, since the first thing I do when entering a restaurant or travel stop is to check out the restroom, and if it can’t meet that basic criteria, the employees and other users, especially those who are changing diapers are spreading germs and making other people sick, and we leave.

    So much for “safety” concerns.  Idjiots.  

    • Robyn on June 9, 2010 at 23:16

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