Why Are We Allowing Congressional Vacations??

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We are in the mist of not only a total devastating, ongoing, tragedy for the Gulf Coast area’s as well as the ecological damage being done in the Gulf Waters and the Coastal area’s that will effect Everyone for nobody knows  how long! We are also in a collapsed economy still, high unemployment, twos still ongoing Wars and Occupations of Choice, still infrastructure demands for fixes, immigration that is still and has been allowed to ignore the laws already on the books and sooooo much more!!

How many of you will not only see your representatives, or their staffs, but hear anything about what they are doing while ‘on vacation’ from their 24/7 jobs of representation!

The people all along the coastal waters need help right now! The scientist studying what’s going on need help right now! The life forms, marine, plant to birds, and human need help right now and so much more!

We also are still sitting in a collapsed economy with millions of lost jobs and tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of long term unemployed loosing their last life line of survival, their meager unemployment {as defense spending passes for the two occupations with three main fronts that are creating the spreading criminal terrorist threat in retaliation and blowback} as they continue their search for mostly non-existent jobs. With only a possibility of next going into total public assistance where others will add them to the already as being lazy and uneducated before those doing so fall into the same, if they haven’t already. As they fall off the radar of numbers that creates a ripple throughout their communities, lost housing, lost ability to even buy what’s needed to exist, lost ability to pay any bills let alone those needed especially in job searches and more, which just creates more small business closings and job loses!

Everyones looking to one person and the cabinet leaders around that person, with everything else that needs to be rebuilt or jump started and left from the last decade plus, for answers on just one main issue the Gulf Oil Crisis, parshing every word said or unsaid, how many times talked about, how many times visiting the site of a Corporate Disaster, condemning if that Corporation does something, and already done, on why the administration didn’t know about it before hand and Why this group of people and the Government agencies can’t stop the flow and do cleanup instantly while many condemn the Government for being to intrusive!

Why are there Not a series of Congressional Hearings in both houses, one following another, with changes in those testifying, not only from the Corporations of the Guilt but from any related outside sources and all the regulatory agencies. Why are many of these same Congressional representatives being allowed to join the chorus of the condemnation of the administration but passing on what they’re not doing and not only in Congress but in the States affected as well. Why aren’t All those hired to lead Leading! Why is the media not reporting on those representatives except when they do the photo opps of condemnation. There’s more then enough journalistic real news then what the Lindsey Lohans and the non news of the Palin, the latest, are doing.

AIR DATE: May 28, 2010

Gulf Coast Industries Reel from Ongoing Oil Crisis


Following President Obama visit to the Gulf, NewsHour correspondent Tom Bearden gives an update from Jefferson Parish, La. about how residents and business owners hurt by the spill view the government’s response to the disaster. Transcript

AIR DATE: May 28, 2010

Evaluating Gulf Coast Damage from Worst Spill in U.S. History


Federal scientists have released a report estimating the Gulf oil spill has surpassed the size of the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, making it the worst in U.S. history. Jeffrey Brown speaks to a chemical oceanographer about the scope of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Transcript

Scope of Oil Spill Seen through Infrared Camera

Why is Congress On Vacation?

Why are there also no hearings going on as to what wasn’t done especially in the last plus decade as to regulations and over site of and not only as to the oil companies, as well as the super duper top secret cheney energy meetings, but almost all our industries especially the corporations, we’ve been witness to failure after failure, and living in the results of, from almost all of the companies and corporations that have now controlled our economy and what happens to the executives of, they receive ever growing compensation packages and write off company perks, whether they have any clue as to what’s going on in their companies or not. And their investors, especially the big ones, reap the rewards as well just before they dump the stock and move on.

Why isn’t there more reporting, as well as Congressional investigations and hearings, into the completely failed economic system we’ve been under the last three some decades, all of it failed! The biggest is the total lack of private capital being fed back into the economy now to help rebuild it, while those who champanion that condemn the federal stimulus needed to just keep the economy afloat, and any private investments that are being done, little but some in renewable energy and green economy, still seek big tax breaks and infrastructure costs from the states or communities before they invest!!

Why Is Congress On Vacation?


  1. We already watched as during the previous administration, with republican controlled congresses, their supporters didn’t care what their representatives did, especially as to work or investigative hearings, i.e. anything to do with the two wars and veterans for just two issues, they were ecstatic that nothing was being done. In the last couple of years we’ve had congressional investigations and hearings into much of what wasn’t done, but with this devastating oil platform tragedy, and loss of life, added to what still needs to be done. Time Off Should Be A Non Mention as to our representatives and their staffs!! Many in the agencies needed right now Aren’t taking vacations this weekend!

  2. Or in the years to come?

    Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival

    Welcome to the official home of the Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival.  Please join us for our 75th annual festival to be held  Sept. 2 – 6, 2010, in picturesque downtown Morgan City, Louisiana.  This is an event that will prove that oil and water really do mix. Deep in the heart of Cajun Country, every Labor Day Weekend, tens of thousands of people celebrate at Louisiana’s oldest chartered harvest festival.

    The festival has been honoring those who have worked tirelessly through rain and shine…and sometimes even hurricanes, to provide the area’s economic lifeblood for over half a century.  The festival also emphasizes the unique way in which these two seemingly different industries work hand-in-hand culturally and environmentally in this area of the “Cajun Coast.”  The event is free and has grown to become one of the country’s premiere festivals.  There’s plenty of fun for “kids” of all ages and lots to see, hear, do and eat!  The festival is truly a feast for ALL senses and according to Time Magazine, “…one of the best, most unusual, the most down-home, the most moving and the most fun the Country has to offer…” Continued

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