SCANDAL! Rand Paul MUST return Neo-Nazi funds NOW and DENOUNCE

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This must be seen across America., which was founded to support David Duke for senate by another KKK Grand Dragon, Don Black, has been promoting and contributing to Rand Paul’s moneybombs. Palling around with WhiteSupremacists much?

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That’s a tweet from Don Black, head of the white supremacist group Stormfront.  Wow.


So, Trey Grayson should reject donations from Republicans who voted for the bailout……..but it’s okay for Rand Paul to accept donations from Stormfront?

   I will state this loudly and clearly. Over and over at the top of my Jewish lungs.

   Rand Paul MUST return Neo-Nazi funds NOW and DENOUNCE

   But he can’t.

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Democrats MUST turn 2010 into a referendum on Rand Paul.

So, let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Paul Says Nazism’s Bad Because It’s Big Govt

At a teabagger forum in March, Rand Paul was asked about claims that Nazis were supporting his candidacy.

Rather than explain that, no, Nazis are racist skinheads, what’s he do? He says it’s a ridiculous assertion because Nazism was “big government.” He went on to say, “there’s nothing about Nazism that would even appeal remotely to people who like what I stand for because I’m for limited constitutional government.”

Except Nazis ARE supporting, promoting and funding your Senate campaign, Rand! Would you like to comment?

   Yeah, just brilliant, Rand! Nazis support the extermination of the Jewish race, the most insidious sort of racism possible and everything that America has fought tooth and nail against since FDR’s day, but that isn’t as important to Rand Paul as the fact that Nazis, in his worldview, represent “Big Government”! I am sure my Polish Jewish ancestors in the 30’s were more afraid of Big Government than they were of the gas chambers!

Anyone picking up a pattern here?

Strike #1.   Rand Paul’s campaign spokesperson Chris Hightower was fired for posting “Happy Nigger day” with Lynching pics at Facebook along with posts describing how he liked to go to the local mall in KKK garb.

Strike #2.   On The Rachel Maddow’s Show and NPR Rand Paul, repeatedly, objects to Title II of the Civil Rights Act, stating that Businesses should be able to discriminate based on race. Upon learning of the controversy he had stirred by airing his pro discrimination views, he backtracks and goes into hiding/damage control.

And now Strike #3.    Rand Paul has received funds and promotion from white supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s and KKK leadership via

And Mitch McConnell just embraced Rand Paul/Stormfront! Classic!

   U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, who had endorsed Grayson in the primary race, called for Republicans to unify behind Paul in the general election and to reach out to Democrats.

   “Dr. Rand Paul’s message can win this election,” McConnell said.

link (Hat tip to

    His message that is supported and funded by White Supremacists? Good luck with that, Mitch, because we are going to tell the world.

    I found the screen capture of Don Black and Stormfront’s promotion of Ron and Rand Paul on a Republican website. Your average Republican WILL NOT STAND for this shit, and kudos to them, but, your teabaggers, libertarians and John Birch Society members are not your average Republicans. One such post at, a Conservative site, makes the same argument that I am making.

Rand Paul MUST Return White Supremacist Money!

    Once upon a time the GOP soundly renounced David Duke.  Too bad those days are over.

    Unfortunately The Pink Flamingo can no longer support either Sarah Palin or Jim DeMint.  I will support them when they renounce Rand Paul and demand he return the money he took from white supremacists.

    An ill wind is blowing through Kentucky as those alleged “patriots” those tea party LIBERTARIANS just lost a Republican Senate seat by nominating Rand Paul, with all his glorious ties to very nasty individuals, including Stormfront. How much money did Rand Paul take from a Stormfront money-bomb that helped his initial candidacy?  How much money did white supremacists donate to his campaign?

   This is your “Chickens coming home to roost” after 40 years of the Southern Strategy. The party of Lincoln? Not anymore, they haven’t been the party of Lincoln for a long, long time now.

    White Supremacists and Neo Nazis used to hide behind white sheets and hoods. Now they hide behind websites and Republican candidates such as David Duke, Derek Black, who is the son of Stormfront founder Don Black and who actually won a GOP election in Florida.

   Derek Black, the son of Chloe Black’s husband, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Don Black, caused some controversy in the GOP. On Tuesday, he easily won a seat on the Republican Executive Committee in Palm Beach County. The committee kicked him off yesterday based on his family’s notorious racial hatred past.

“Well, I don’t know why he wants us,” said Chairman Sid Dinerstein. “But for sure we don’t want him, and we’re not going to have him.” Black’s father, Don, runs the racial hate Web site StormFront. The Web site is run out of a West Palm Beach house, where Derek, Don and Chloe Black live. Chloe Black is the former wife of white supremacist politician David Duke. Dinerstein said as soon as the committee realized who the Blacks were, it disqualified Derek Black because the committee said he hadn’t signed the party’s loyalty oath. The oath, according to Dinerstein, said members won’t engage in any activities that might be injurious to the Republican Party.

Derek Black said he’s not a Klansman. But, according to ABC affiliate, WPBF-TV, when he was 12 years old, USA Today did a feature story about how he wrote a children’s page for his father’s Web site. It was unclear whether Derek Black was still working with his father on the Web site.

   Or how about the Arizona Nazi party connections between State Senator Russell Pearce (of the new Immigration Law infamy) and Neo Nazi J.T. Pearce, who was also an elected GOP official.

    Meet J.T. Ready, avowed Neo Nazi, past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman. J.T. is the second schmuck from the right in the picture below.

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   And here is J.T. Ready (Left) with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of the new Arizona police state “show me your papers” law, who has his own history of ties to Neo Nazi white supremacist groups.

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    In most states being seen publicly with a Nazi would ruin your political career. In most states you would be shunned by your political party. But not in Arizona, and not in the Republican party.


NeoNazi/AZ GOP link exposed through Racist Immigration Law. Where the hell is the media on this?

So strike #1 for the GOP-Neo Nazi movement connection is Arizona Senate Majority Leader Follows Stormfront on Twitter

Strike #2 is the Russell Pearce/J.T. Ready connection

and Strike #3 is the Rand and Ron Paul/Stromfront connection.


   Because we all heard plenty about Black Presidential candidates with the middle name Hussein “Palling around with terrorists (wink)”, but why is there such silence when Neo Nazis publically appear with, support, and fund Republican candidates?

   If you were to Google one such of many threads at Stormfront, where white nationalists are encouraging each other to contribute to Rand Paul’s Senate campaign ( I refuse to link to these webpages, but you can see for yourself at, you can see how many white nationalists at Stormfront are not only supporters of Rand Paul, they are donating to his Senate campaign too.

In my research on this subject I have been forced to visit, and I want to puke until I am dehydrated for days.

From a commenter at

    When Don Black gave him that notorious $500, Ron Paul said that if “racists” sent him money he was going to use it to support his platform that everyone should be equal under the law. He didn’t know why “racists” would want to put their money toward that, but he was fine accepting the money anyway. That’s a paraphrase of what he said on video.

My first preference is for an all-white society. If I can’t live there, I’ll take a multicultural society where everyone is equal under the law, and where I have the right to self-segregate in schools, housing, and business. And I believe I’d be able to do that if Ron Paul had his way.

From the “Welcome to Stormfront discussion board” page, posted by the Ex KKK leader, Don Black himself . . .

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want attributed to you in a court of law, quoted on the front page of the New York Times, or read by your mother. Don’t come back in a few months or years and ask us to delete all your posts because you can’t take the heat or you’ve “changed your mind.” It wouldn’t make much difference anyway, since public posts are cached by search engines and recorded by countless other people with varying motives.

   White Supremacists have never been accused of being insightful or smart. When you tweet about how great a candidate is EVERYONE can see it, not just your followers. When members of your white supremacist community post about how great a Senate Candidate is and why white supremacists should donate to him it can be record by “countless other people with varying motives.”

   White supremacists are gutless cowards who hide behind sheets and websites like Stormfront, but they can not stay hidden for ever. This needs to be exposed by the mainstream media, because Rand Paul is not the second coming of Scott Brown or Ronald Reagan, he is starting to look like the second coming of David Duke.

   The worst part of all of this is that Rand Paul could not return money donated to his campaign by white supremacists even if he wanted to. Because of the secretive nature of cowardly white supremacists none of the donations Rand Paul has received can be directly connected to white supremacists, so even if he wanted to, Rand Paul can NOT return these funds his Senate campaign has received.

   The fact is, Rand Paul’s Senate campaign IS being funded by white supremacists, Nazi’s and KKK leaders, and there is nothing they can do about it. These are the chickens coming home to roost after 40+ years of “the Southern Strategy” and the Republican tolerance of the John Birch Society and other dubious conspiracy theorists in their tent, which more and more is looking like a circus tent than a serious political party that wishes to govern for everyone, and not just their far right base and the Special Interests that fund them.

And now, one of those “Special Interests” is the White Supremacist community.

Because even if Rand Paul formally denounced Don Black and, it is too late, and he and the National Republican party should be tied to Stormfront in public.

Tell the world.

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