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                             Part One

                            EMERALD SEA

Once, as in a dream, Zeus came to her

Quietly slumbering on her emerald isle

Thought form wholly

Holy without form

Asleep upon her emerald isle she played in dream

Invoking out of emptiness

Some image, sub-atomic, non-particulate

Evoking echo without sound

     …and to her watery bed she took

        mankind as her groom…

Just as in a dream, Zeus came to her

He too a shadow of his glimpse of her

Appearing conscious

Yet not wholly formed

Echoing the formlessness of his perfection

Awake above the teal blue sea

He sought the body for his litany

Shakti dreaming by the emerald sea

The dream in his emerald eye

     …and to his sky bound heart he took

        the maiden as his bride…

He, taking her hand in hand

Gave her hyacinths from the sun god’s land

To weave in her sea wound hair

Just as in a dream they moved

Dancing in tidepools

Gems for their eyes

They gathered anemonies from the tidal pools

     …pink, purple, lemon and orange…

With anemonies for her bridal bouquet

Eels grass for her gown

She led her sky god lover down

To the church at the bottom of the sea

          ~~~pls follow below~~~




They descended the spiral stair

Sunbeams flickering in their hair

Aurora Borealis from a solar flair

Sparkling in depth of ocean

     …pastels and crystals…pastels and cremes

        pastels and crystals…pastels and dreams…

Eels grass swam round her shoulders and knees

Sunbeams curved and danced in the seas

Counting a rosary of kelp

With anenomies for her bridal bouquet

Eels grass for her gown

She and her sky god lover knelt down

In the church at the bottom of the sea

One promise she asked as the wedding vow

One promise from her groom

Seeing beneath the human form

The god that was the man

She asked one promise as the vow

He promised yes before she asked

She asked him to appear before her

In his form as god

     …and the god of lightning struck all night

        and the god of thunder spoke…

And down down

At the bottom of the sea

Zeus struck her holy body down

In the womb in the bottom of the sea.


Psalms Beyond the Speed of Light was written as a book of poetry 30 years ago to express my belief in the evolution of consciousness in this age under the threat of nuclear annihilation.  This is the first poem in the book.  Since the original writing the threat to life is even greater and from so many more human-created disasters.

The poem also expresses my great love for the ocean.  I will write more on this soon.  Thank you for reading.



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  1. …we will evolve out of the death and destruction which we have created…

  2. . . . . the love comes through.

    I was looking around for something suitable for this beautiful effort of yours — found this:

  3. I love your poetry!

  4. I’m reminded of something I read recently . . was it Alan Watts?  (of whom/what I admit I know little/or not enough) . . .  related to one of Edger diaries. .  . or a comment of yours.

    We must understand our unity with nature and all things in it.

    Are we all gods? . . .  descended from gods . .  have a little of the god within us (as the Quakers would say) . . .

    Mostly reading your poem, I was reminded of my feelings/experience on a sunny day  . . on a lovely (nude) beach in on the island of Paros 10 or more years ago . . I’m told it’s the spot where Aphrodite rose from the sea.  The water was so wonderful, just a little foamy, bubbly, ebullient . . .I could almost imagine arising from it on a lovely shell . . .

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