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    • Edger on May 3, 2010 at 19:19

    I hope?

  1. I’m playing Hardcore Deathmatch and I forgot to put Cold Blooded perk on any of my classes!


  2. will be airing live from Venice La tonight I think. Wonder if they’ll talk to the shrimpers there?

  3. yet again for his inaction on DADT.

    They haven’t yet dissected in their minds the possibility that this tactic of Obama promising then his henchmen qualifying and denying is part of a deliberate political strategy.

    They’re hurting LGBT servicemembers with their delays — this we all know and accept.

    I’ve now gone further.  I now believe this is deliberate, that administration officials including Holder, Gates and Rahm are doing this expressly for the purpose of causing pain and distress to LGBT servicemembers.  And this would be directly homophobic, but in addition to that, it’s to do it with the intention of also pleasing homophobes who want such pain and for LGBT service members to be demeaned and for the LGBT community at large to be angered.

    The calculation has been made that it’s not just doing nothing — what is being done is part of a political strategy, to please the right by actively hurting and disrespecting the LGBT community.  The pattern of deliberate demeaning is now almost inescapable.  Obama promises justice to the LGBT people in the military, and almost immediately afterwards, the Justice Department pursues a strategy of denial in court, and Secretary Gates talks about quizzing active duty members of the military if they really want to be around those dirty homos in the first place.

    If this is true, it will take months and possibly years for my pro-Obama LGBT friends and allies to come to this conclusion.  Attacking the Obama administration this way about this issue is precisely what they want — they want to be pleaded to and then to have the opportunity to kick sand in our faces.

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