Obadiah and Jeremiah

Obadiah said to Jeremiah,

“It’s time to buy a

New supply ‘a

Rope and wire.”

Jeremiah said to Obadiah,

“Why rope and wire?”

Obadiah said to Jeremiah,

“With rope and wire

I hope to tie a

Knot in the land

The time forgot.”

Jeremiah said to Obadiah,

“You’re a liar.

Time can’t forget.

Unless you hope to get

Soaking wet

In the Sahara

You’re in error.”

Obadiah said to Jeremiah,

“Time can forget

For an hour.

And in an hour

I can fly

From Tokyo to


And then,

When I get my yen

It’s back to Tokyo,

Get more power

Get more wire,

A pair of pliers

Build a monument

Ten times higher.”

Jeremiah said to Obadiah,

“A monument?

I thought you meant

To tie your pig

Which isn’t kosher.

No sir, not a hog

Or a clam.

So hold your noses

And ask Moses

About a bush who says.

‘I am.'”

Obadiah said to Jeremiah,

“I know all about your burning bush

Your talking brush,

Your Voodoo branches,

And your booty dances.

You’re a mystic,

Quite artistic,

But in case you missed it,

Your ass is twisted,

So drop the biscuit,

One pound of flesh,

Sticking fresh,

When you flush,

The pipes get crushed.

It’s not vast.

It’s not emense

But your shit is very dense.

A tiny shit from out your ass

Has so much mass

You must have pooped

A scoop of neutron star.

It weighs as much as

10,000 cars

Each one driven by

Karem Abdul Jabar.

Notorious B.I.G.

Is in the back:

That is the weight of that scoop

You shat.”

Jeremiah said to Obadiah,

“Sir, I do not shit stars.

I am offended.”

Obadiah took Jeremiah

Who was unended

And thus it was

The conversation


duck and green from glencadia on Vimeo.

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