My Drill Nation

People try to make us drill,

Just to try to get a gill.

The things they do look awful bad

I hope it stops before it gets more mad.

Talking about not drilling, not drilling,

not drilling, baby.

Why not more rigs go to the ocean?

No matter about toxic potion.

I’not tryin’ to say not to drill,

But just not to take it where you will.

The environment is important stuff,

But not like the money fluffed.

Talking about my environment, my

Environment, baby.

Why not the rigs just g-g-g- away?

Even if we taxpayers pay?

I don’t want to cause a big sensation,

Just talking about my drilling Nation.

That’s, my Nation, my Drilling Nation.

Talking about my Drilling Nation.

With warmest regards to The Who, from 1965.

Warmest regards,



  1. for taking an old standard to modern things?

    Warmest regards,


  2. Japanese motor efficiency patents

    water caviation heaters

    low head hydro


    I do think it is more the nature of control.  That predator instinct which pissed off JP Morgan when Tesla wanted free energy for all.

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